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Blackpool v Charlton 13/3/2018 post-match views

Another battle lost. In the "Poor clubs with rotten owners" mini-league, we come up short once again.

Let's hope Roland signs on the dotted line soon, so that we might win the all-important war.

Over to you.


  • We're going to have yet another season with multiple managers aren't we...
  • Well played Karl. It's mid-March and you've got us closer to the relegation zone than the top 3. Just fuck off.
  • Karl Robinson

  • Balls see my post from the thread that @LoOkOuT will close momentarily.
  • Pathetic. Just look at the stats. Disgraceful.
  • 5 points off 6th ...pathetic
  • No Plan A never mind Plan B
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  • Get rid of KR so at least we don't have to listen to him.

    Don't care who is in charge - We're a laughing stock...
  • We are going to do the reverse of what Plymouth have done.
  • Fumbluff said:


    Seeing that we went 4-4-2 against Walsall and won, yet have only won once since then...

    I'd say we've got to wait a bloody long time yet

    Dont worry it'll be the injury to Lewis Page that messed up our game plan along with a rubbish pitch that stopped Bauer and Pearce passing back and forth that lost us the game
  • Season now officially fizzled out. What a shame after a promising start. KR shown up as a superficial buffoon despite being unlucky with injuries. Big signings are turkeys. Same old same old. Sod off Roland. Not sure I can be bothered Saturday now.
  • I don't understand all the negativity on here tonight as we are still 13 points clear of the bottom four.

    Even Robinson can't get us relegated now.

    We'd have to rely on administration and a 10 point deduction.
  • Get rid of KR so at least we don't have to listen to him.

    Don't care who is in charge - We're a laughing stock...

    Better off with no manager.
  • I promised a reaction after Saturday's result, la.
  • No Plan A never mind Plan B

  • Robinson has got off too lightly this season despite the shit performances. He needs to get it in the neck big time on Saturday, dogs abuse might persuade him to do the honourable thing.
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  • Not being able to even come close to scoring against a rubbish Blackpool side who had 20 corners in the match vs our 1 corner highlights how far we've fallen.
  • Oh dear.

    The only thing keeping KR in the job now is the lack of anyone in a position to actually sack him, and indeed the question of who would then pay him compensation! Roland won't sack him, as he'd have to cough up himself...
  • Sounded very poor. Despite those wanting him gone - think it’s highly unlikely until takeover is done. Despite what they might say - think the uncertainty is affecting the team morale...
  • And who is going to pay him off, nobody.

    So he stays unless he takes similar wages elsewhere
  • The only target left now is to beat last season's miserable 60 points and claim that as progress. I don't see it happening.
  • 20 shots to 9, 57% to Blackpool, 16 Blackpool corners vs 1 for us.

    Come on Karl, the only bright spot from shit result after shit result is getting to read your hilarious post match excuses list.
  • I’m normally very positive about Charlton and my posts on here reflect that.


    That was awful. Really awful. We lost so many second balls it was painful. I will remember tonight as the match that Ben Reeves put in the most annonomous and ineffective 45 minutes I have ever seen a Charlton player do.

  • Do you know, I can't even be bothered about losing tonight.

  • Fuck Karl Robinson and fuck Roland.
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Roland Out!