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Charlton v Rotherham: Post Match Depression 2015

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Couldn't find one so here goes...


  • Didn't think it could get much worse how wrong was I.
  • Utter dross today but we aren't helped by not having a single decent forward . Watt might be ok , given a run
  • Rotherham had the much better chances than us and deserved at least a point.

    How many saves did their keeper have make? We still don't have a creative midfielder who runs with the ball.

    Igor has become useless. Such a shame after a good start.
  • Wasn't there and really thought I'd missed a rare win when Jordan's goal was announced on Final Score, how wrong I was, and pleased not to have a three hour journey home.
  • I'm not able to go to to the mcg two home games, I'm going to need motivation to return after. I saw nothing at all. Rotherham were terrible, we were the same.

    #Rolandout #katrienout #notothenetwork
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  • 2 points dropped.
    We should be beating the likes of Rotherham.
    Can't see games out.
    Another goal from a set piece.
    Almost had a heart attack listening to that.
    Had we of held out nerve instead of bottling it (yet again) we would be 12th. We are 28th.
    I'm fed up.
    I've had to work today.

    Bad day.
  • It was shit. Totally directionless and for want of a better description. Shit.
  • Same old story. Massive hole we are digging ourselves, bigger than the pot holes in the car park !!
  • Fine margins and all that.. I'd we had held on you'd all be saying it was a ground out win?!
  • Thought Bikey and Co looked more assured and comfortable in defence without 'nervous neil' behind them. Saying that we've conceded late on again and never look a scoring threat
  • 2 points dropped.
    We should be beating the likes of Rotherham.

    Are you Tony Mowbray?!? (:
    I feel like it! The miserable git.
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  • 3 straight draws will be a success in these next 3 games, because after today, Asking for a win in either of those may be a bit much. Looks as those we may have to wait until Powells homecoming for a shot at our next win. 6 points from the drop. Up until this point I wasn't looking over my shoulder too much. But as of today, I'm sadly starting too
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    Funny how everyone thinks our opposition are always having a poor game vs charlton... Think we both nullified eachother tbh!
  • Whilst i understand defending a 1 goal lead with a few minutes to go, but do.we have to be so deep, our midfield were literally all in defence with 8 men in a line, why do we do this? Not the first time this season this has happened. Inviting pressure when we are winning against the likes of rotherham is asking for trouble.

    Gutted, i dont know where the next win is coming from. Also, please start watt, why is he on the bench? Must be better than an injured vetokele...
  • Out afternoon was summed up today when Our two players furthest forward were watt and lepoint.ill let yous do the rest
  • colin1961 said:

    Beckboy said:

    The heart is being ripped out of our club by jonny foreigner's

    jonny foreigner's what?
    Problem today was English players Wiggins and Harriott who had poor games

    Wiggins English?
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