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How many Lifers raised or lived in SE7?

Well, me. Conceived (I assume), born and raised in SE7.


  • Yep.  Pound Park Road until I was 5.  Went to Thorntree nursery.  Then I emigrated to Plumstead.
  • I wasn't sure, but I was born just across the border in Woolwich SE18, and lived in SE18 for the first year of my life. Never lived in SE7!
  • Close but no cigar for me!
    Born and lived in Rideout Street for 5 years.
    SE7 border in Maryon Grove to the left.

  • Yet another SE18 boy but did live in Little Heath SE7 for a few months over 40 years ago.
  • Nope. Born in Plumstead.
  • Nope,born Oswestry, raised Shrewsbury, Charlton through and through since 84....must have been a right shit in a previous life. 
    Family from Whittington. Remember the big market in Oswestry as a child.
    Lived in Charlton for 30+ years.
    Mum moved from Whittington to the Ferrier Estate.
    Hows that for a change in culture.
  • No. Born in Pembury Hospital.
  • And another Se18 boy. Lived in Hither Green for first couple of years before parents moved to Chislehurst. Dad was Eltham lad. Him and his brother both big Charlton fans.
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  • Lived in SE7 and went to school in SE7.

  • Not born, not raised, but did live at 8a Littleheath for a year, which gives me lifetime rights to claim SE7 citizenship. 
  • Not born in Charlton but have been living here for over 50 years now.
  • Born in SE13 and raised in a mixture of SE13, SE6, SE9 and briefly BR7. Moved out when I was 21, have lived in SE8, SE18, SE13 and now SE7
  • Samuel Street - close :)
  • Wolfe Crescent, Hasted Road, Bramhope Lane,  and early doors on Woolwich Rd opposite the dog track at me nans with an outside loo.
  • SE18 Plumstead for me . 
  • The Heights - great view :)
  • Hopedale Rd till I was 3 then SE18 till I was 6, Erith till I was 18, then various places and Lewisham since I was 25. 
  • Born in Greenwich(SE10), lived in SE3 until 18, then all over for past 50 years.
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  • Lived in SE6 (not 7) for the first 30 years of my life. 
  • From SE13 

    Never lived in SE7. Probably couldn't afford it now 
  • SE2 but my family from hornfair Rd and surrounding areas 
  • Close - LN2 😃
  • Plane tree house, Lansdowne Lane.
    Hopedale road.
    My first flat, Charlton Lane.
  • Cherry Orchard for the first few years of my life and then Fletching Road (behind Charlton Village) until my early 20's 
  • Born at home, Erskine House, Springfield Grove, SE7, went to Charlton Manor & first teacher was Ms Charlton 🙂
  • Victoria Way until 10, Cherry Orchard Estate (Blaker Court then Fairlawn Court) until 20
  • Yes, Heathwood Gardens until I married in 1983. Mum lived there until she died in 2008.
  • edited December 2023
    Born in Colchester and lived there for the first two years of my life, have lived in SE3 and SE18 since though.!
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