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POST—MATCH THREAD: Morecambe V Charlton Athletic | Tuesday 14th March 2023: KO 19.45pm

A dominating performance saw Charlton take three points on their travels. Shame, a lapse in concentration spoiled the clean sheet. That’s all there is to say!

Morecambe 1 Charlton 4

Over to you.


  • Relieved. Much needed win scoring goals
  • Great result

    Easier to play on a good pitch rather than at the Valley
  • I typed earlier, Holden picked an attacking side, and it paid off very well
  • How bad were Morcambe, or how good were Charlton. Given how we struggled on the Weekend this seems out of tge blue.
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  • Didn't think we were seriously in danger of a relegation battle and tonight proved that. There are still teams that are far worse than us in this division.

    That said, it's not very fun to be looking at back to back 12th/13th place finishes in this dire league.
  • Glad to see Tyreece and all the other youngsters on the pitch starting and there seem to be a bit more enthusiasm about our play. Clare is our most creative player by some margin. Morgan played well, but then he always does when we’re winning. Feeling more of relief than elation. It would take a few more games like that to make me start to enjoy watching Charlton.
  • Very good and well deserved win. Shame we managed to showboat ourselves out of a clean sheet.
  • Mentioned in the match thread that it was peak CBT. Also thought it was peak Ryan Inniss.

    Had Niasse in his pocket so much so he had to move over to the left, didn’t let anyone get anywhere near the edge of our box, looked untouchable from attacking set pieces - made a stupid mistake which led to a goal. 
  • Has everyone's stream just stopped?
  • Has everyone's stream just stopped?
    Yep. Refresh just takes it back 30 seconds and it stops again....
    Oh good, not just me then.
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  • Thomas needs to put another 50p in the meter.
  • piss poor by charlton live
  • Curbs says praps alot and brown frowns and suggests why defensively Morecambe let them self's down. Brief mention of us and how good B-T is for running around doing next to nought. 
  • Could have been 5 if JRS had played Kanu in.
    What like saturday?  ;)
  • refund from minto.  
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