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2022-23 UEFA Nations League

The draw for the 3rd season of the Nations League is about to take place.

Due to the winter World Cup in 2022 the 6 group games of the nations league will take place in June (4 matches) and September (2 matches).

League A: England are in pot 3 and Wales are in pot 4
While Scotland and Northern Ireland are in Leagues B and C respectively.


  • Pot 1: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium

    Pot 2: Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark

    Pot 3: England, Croatia, Switzerland, Poland

    Pot 4: Wales, Austria, Czech Rep, Hungary
  • League B

    Pot 1: Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia, Iceland

    Pot 2: Scotland, Finland, Norway, Russia

    Pot 3: Rep. Ireland, Serbia, Romania, Israel

    Pot 4: Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Armenia
  • Is the draw on Sky Sports?
  • League C

    Pot 1: Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, N. Ireland

    Pot 2: Greece, Belarus, Luxembourg, N. Macedonia

    Pot 3: Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo

    Pot 4: Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Kazahkstan/Moldova, Cyprus/Estonia
  • Is the draw on Sky Sports?
    On the UEFA website if it’s not
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    League D result:

    Group 1: Liechtenstein, Kazahkstan/Moldova, Andorra, Latvia

    Group 2: Malta, San Marino, Cyprus/Estonia
  • Also on Sky Sports website and YouTube
  • How are Gibraltar is Group C and not D?
  • France, Germany, England, Wales please
  • League C result:

    Group 1: Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Turkey

    Group 2: Cyprus/Estonia, Kosovo, Greece, N. Ireland

    Group 3: Kazahkstan/Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovakia

    Group 4: Gibraltar, Georgia, N. Macedonia, Bulgaria
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    How are Gibraltar is Group C and not D?
    They won promotion in 20-21 from their three team group against the powerhouses of San Marino and Liechtenstein.
  • How are Gibraltar is Group C and not D?
    They won promotion from their three team group against the powerhouses of San Marino and Liechtenstein.
    ahhh makes sense
  • Ireland and Scotland drawn together.
  • League B Result:

    Group 1: Armenia, Rep. IrelandScotland, Ukraine

    Group 2: Albania, Israel, Russia, Iceland

    Group 3: Montenegro, Romania, Finland, Bosnia

    Group 4: Slovenia, Serbia, Norway, Sweden
  • Is that Robert Pires? He's having a great time.

  • Norway v Sweden should be entertaining for international football fans as well.
  • England in group 3, Wales in group 4.
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  • Germany with England
  • Germany with England
    And Italy!!!
  • League A Result:

    Group 1: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France

    Group 2: Czech Rep, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain

    Group 3: Hungary, England, Germany, Italy

    Group 4: Wales, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium
  • I love the Nations League.

    The more competitive international football replacing friendlies the better.
    Yeah its great, you dont get the big heartbreak of getting knocked out the WC or Euros but beating good teams still feels great.
  • Match 1: 2-4 June
    Match 2: 5-8 June
    Match 3: 8-11 June
    Match 4: 12-14 June
    Match 5: 22-24 September
    Match 6: 25-27 September

    Then the World Cup in November. Games against Germany and Italy should be ideal prep.
  • Can’t ask for better preparation ahead of the World Cup.
    3 teams that will be aiming to win the World Cup in a group together
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    Bloody nora... What a Group

    Wont be surprised if there are louder calls for Southgate's head if we dont do well ahead of the World Cup
  • That's an excellent group, can't wait for those games. Should hopefully get along to some
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