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2020/21 FA Cup Thread



  • Sheff U beat Bristol C 1-0.
    Leicester beat Brighton 1-0.

    Spurs now 4-4.
  • Harry Kane 4-4 
    It is defo still 2021
  • It’s their year they’re not letting go 
    fresh  after getting a bye in all the domestic cup competitions 
  • Oggy Red said:

    I saw Sheff Utd will come good. Beat Brighton tonight.

    The comeback begins 
  • What's the betting on Mourinho "drawing" on penalties and Everton going through?
  • 5-4 Everton come on you filthy scousers 

  • edited February 10
    5-4 to the toffees ; that will give problems for Jose to chew over.
  • I had assumed this game would be a typical Jose 1-0 bore fest  :D
  • Spurs moving all in on the League Cup domestically 
  • Draw is tomorrow after the last two games are played.

    1. Bournemouth 
    2. Manchester United
    3. Sheffield United
    4. Wolves or Southampton
    5. Barnsley or Chelsea
    6. Everton
    7. Manchester City
    8. Leicester City
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  • Bernardo is 4 inches shorter than Solly and scores a big goal for Everton. Enjoyable 120 minutes.
  • After the excitement tonight, I'm sure Jose will be back to his usual tactics on Saturday and try and nick a nil nil
  • Spurs’ year, a year beginning with a one.
  • And BBC chose the Man U v West Ham snoozefest over this.
    Of course, they knew the results in advance... 🙄
  • And BBC chose the Man U v West Ham snoozefest over this.
    Of course, they knew the results in advance... 🙄
    Obviously not, I was just suggesting it was a shame.

    I've not got BT Sport so spent 2 hours watching a terrible game and then the other one was a 9 goal thriller!  And sure a lot of others were the same.
  • Poor Mourinho. His side score 4 and lose. He's never had that happen to him before in his whole managerial career #backtoparkingthebus
  • What a terrible game of football on BBC at the moment.
  • Barnsley playing alright against this lot.
  • Ziyech definitely can’t do it on a cold Thursday night in Barnsley.
  • Full quarter-final draw:

    Everton v Manchester City

    Bournemouth v Southampton

    Leicester City v Manchester United

    Barnsley or Chelsea v Sheffield United

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  • Chelsea win 1-0 so Sheff Utd will be heading to Stamford Bridge for the last QF.
  • City's quadruple hopes are dead.

    Tuchel takes Chelsea into the final in his first season. 

    The 2 might well meet again in the Champions league final in a few weeks.
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