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Congestion charge increase - And back Monday!



  • Nobody is suggesting that scaffolders get a bike. Modal shift towards cycling and walking needs to happen - so that all those people who don't NEED to make their journeys by car but WANT to do so are moved off the road to make way for people who DO need to make their journeys by car or van (trades, delivery etc) are able to do so. 
     But recent moves are suggesting just that.
    Not so much scaffolders per se.
     The last recent increase of the congestion charge has hit trades persons hard.
    Many offices in London are serviced by all sorts of trades after hours. Many start at around 6,7pm and work through to the early hours. There is f**k all congestion in the city of London at these times. 10pm you must be joking.

    These schemes are mainly set up by snotty nosed twonks who live a 15 minute cylcle ride away from the centre of London.
    Something like 70% of people who work in London live over 30 mile's away from the city centre. That's not too practical on a bloody Boris bike!
    I commuted by bike from Reigate and Woking to Oxford Street for two years. It's perfectly possible to live further than 15 minutes ride away from Central London and commute by bike - if the infrastructure was there, more people would do it - relieving pressure on the roads. The space taken up by 16 cars on the road (the vast majority of which are single occupancy) is equivalent to 96 bikes - if you take just half those cars off the road, look how much more space you'll create (8 cyclists, the equivalent to just over 1 car) for trades and delivery vehicles - who are the real victims of our incessant demand to prioritise private car use above all other modes of transport.

    The congestion charge zone increase is a bullshit ploy by the tories to try and claw back some money and blame Khan for it. There is, however, some extremely flawed logic behind it. Most of the traffic issues in suburban areas - at least in the morning - are caused by the school run. Charging people 75 quid a week to drop their kids off when the vast majority of them can walk or get public transport to school (the catchment system ensures almost every pupil in London lives within walking or a bus ride distance away from school) should deter that. But, of course, the people living within the zone will get a discount so it won't be the deterrent it should be. What might make more sense would be to introduce it between the hours of 7 and 9:30 with no discount - but, again, that isn't as straightforward as it sounds because delivery and trade vehicles would still have to pay it. Maybe some way of ensuring ONLY private vehicles have to pay, whilst delivery and trade vehicles are exempt?

    It's not a simple issue. The government outsourcing responsibility for solving it to Khan, whilst hamstringing him financially (and flat-out lying about him being the cause of TFL's financial woes into the bargain) is disingenuous at best - outright disgraceful at worst. But what can you expect from a bunch of spud faced chancers? 
  • TFL were in a bit if a financial pickle even before COVID bmwith annual revenue falling for a few years but it has been made a hundred times worse by COVID as youd expect.
  • I wonder who will get the contact to put up the thousands of signs required should this expansion get the go ahead.
  • The contracts should already be in place as they will be needed for the extended ULEZ which is due to come to golive early next year.i 
  • Transport for London (TfL) has secured a £1.8bn government bailout, to keep Tube and bus services running until March 2021.
    Amendments to the Congestion Charge introduced in June as part of a previous bailout - a 30% increase in the fee and longer operating hours - will remain in place due to the new deal.
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