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Fulham v Charlton - Saturday 5th October 2019 - Post-Match Thread

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A tough match finishes honours even. 

Can't stand Fulham, we just don't seem to have any luck with them. We stood firm in the second half, with Phillips putting in a MOM performance. 

Over to you.


  • Brilliant performance. Great to get a point just before the break. Fair result 
  • More than happy with that. 4 points from our hardest run of fixtures in the space of a week.

    Think we are establishing ourselves as a mid table side which is really nice considering how bleak it looked before the Blackburn game.
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  • Great game and fantastic performance, the second time in four days we have gone toe to toe with a team expecting to be in the top two.
    Third time in seven days.

    I'll take 4 points from Leeds, Swansea and Fulham all day long.
  • Not able to watch it but delighted with the result. I was convinced we would lose and it sounds like Stroud cheated us out of a win!
  • Great game, thought we looked energised again.

    Quality from Phillips.
  • Excellent game and a fantastic battling performance.
    Shame about the offside, but we have to reflect on the positives and to get a deserved point against that Fulham team is outstanding.
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  • Great team performance, backs to the wall at the end but definitely deserved at least a point. Looking forward to getting the injured players back, especially Taylor.
  • LenGlover said:
    4 points from Leeds, Swansea and Fulham. Sustain that and we will stay up which has to be the first aim.
    This, this and more importantly THIS!!

    These are bonus points yet to pick up results against them is a sign that we'll be fine this season

    Its a shame we didnt get all three points as we bloody well deserved them!!

    Hopefully means SKY will want a few more away games that I wont have to pay £5 VP for

  • Best game of football I've seen for a long, long time. Fabulous performance by us and in truth by Fulham too in the second half. Absolutely brilliant!!
  • Happy with that. Yeah, we can if and but about one of their goals being offside, but we were saved by the woodwork twice, and that's before we talk about the saves that Dillon made. A defeat would have been unjust I think, but a draw's fair enough.
  • Phew, very happy with that in the end. Mitrovic is a player I'd love for us to have
  • Great team performance and what a game from Phillips.

    A draw was definitely the fair result here. Arguably we’ve played the best three teams in the league and we got 4 points out of it, which we should be very proud of. 
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