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Charlton v Brentford | Sat 24 Aug | 3pm KO | POST-MATCH THREAD

Still unbeaten and up to second in the league. 

They threw everything at us in the second half and we stood firm. Superb defending in the final moments of extra time to take all three points. 

Over to you. 


  • Stunning defensive display. 

    What was was the attendance?
  • LoOkOuT said:
    We can play teams off the park on our good days and shut them out when it’s not happening for us. That should take us a long way. 
    Yep, all the way to the Prem. Ask Lee Bowyer (when he's not playing mind games). :smile:
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  • PL here we come hahaha
  • Laddick01 said:
    Brentford are a finisher away from top 2 I'd say.

    They’ve only scored 2 goals in 5 games 
  • Uneasy match thread to follow. Sounded like we were second best all game? Was it just an off day or did Brentford do their homework. Thank God they can't finnish. Fantastic 3 points under the circumstances.
  • On edge all second half but heroic defending saw us home impressed by Brentford if they had signed Lyle we would have lost can enjoy another good Saturday night a brilliant start I didn’t expect COYR 
  • Fantastic 3 points and even more so given we lost Oshilaja to injury and had to reshuffle because we had no proper right back cover.

    Second in the table tonight! 
  • Get in. Fantastic result. Defenders putting everything on the line is part of team work package which is great to see.  
  • stonemuse said:
    Laddick01 said:
    Brentford are a finisher away from top 2 I'd say.

    They’ve only scored 2 goals in 5 games 
    Yeah that dont surprise me
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  • Why have Fulham played a game less
  • What a month ! 
  • The very definition of a hard fought victory, bodies were quite literally put on the line. I love this group of players
  • Ok defensively good but where was the passing out of defence to start an attack, I don’t know if it was because we were poor or Brentford disrupted us and made us poor
  • stonemuse said:

    What was was the attendance?
  • Lethargic attacking wise but that's why we have midfielders who have some magic! 

    Excellent defensive display. 
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