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Pitch invasion

In all my years of supporting Charlton the one thing we never seem to have done is a proper full scale pitch invasion. I'd resigned myself to thinking we just didn't have it in us ...... until last night.

Absolutely brilliant scenes.


  • Was clear during extra time that an invasion would take place as the stewards in the covered end were letting fans spill through the gates onto the exit steps whereas previously they've always been very strict on keeping people back. Gutted that when we finally get an invasion I was stuck in the very back row of the West Upper! Great scenes though
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  • Was brilliant and thankfully only a handful went to taunt the away fans, which is spanner behaviour.

    Agreed, and the prats just behind the away dugout who threw 2 bottles on separate occasions at the away bench were a disgrace. One narrowly missed the reserve GK’s head and he was incensed. McCann told the 4th official so that will be going in a report. Pathetic Millwall behaviour. 
    More than two bottles mate. I think it was further back as I was two rows back from dugout. Absolute idiots whoever it was 
  • I thought it was a tad early/dangerous with the players on there, but nice it was directed at our home end and not the directors box - pitch and stands singing/dancing in unison was moving.
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  • Does Ro-Lund the twunt get a fine for that too?
  • Hopefully it costs him a few quid too
  • In my 61 years of supporting The Addicks I have NEVER witnessed such a glorious pitch invasion.
    The numbers were incredible and a pure unadulterated theatrical celebration the likes of which our beloved Valley has never before seen.
    From my seat in The West Upper it unfolded in front of me in all its glory never to be forgotten, it was epic!
    I was in the West Stand for the Preston game and thought that the celebrations were comparable. Perhaps that's the impression of having been a youth at the time.
  • Maybe somebody ought to send it to Roland. 
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