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SCUNTHORPE 5 ( Goode 3, Borthwick-Jackson 30, 38, Morris (pen) 72, Humphrys 90+2) CHARLTON 3 (Taylor 17, Aribo 22, 68)

Attendance 3,341 (221 Charlton)

Scunthorpe Alnwick, Clarke (Thomas 88), Borthwick-Jackson, Ojo, Humphrys, Morris, Novak (Dales 85), Goode, Burgess, McArdle, Colclough.

Charlton Steer, Solly, Page (Dijksteel 5), Pearce (c), Sarr, Pratley (Reeves 52), Cullen, Aribo, Fosu, Taylor, Grant (Vetokele 83).


Ouch. A proper eight-goal ding dong do saw Charlton come away second best from a miserable midweek trip up north. At one stage Charlton held a 2-1 lead in the first half, but defending was not good enough and Charlton succumbed to their first defeat in seven games.

Post Match comments

Bowyer: “It was the craziest, most frustrating, disappointing game I’ve been involved in as a manager so far. I’m seeing good things but horrendous things too. It’s difficult, I can’t go too mad at the lads because we had been good. We had won four on a spin and now we’ve lost our first one in seven. Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.

“But tonight we conceded three goals from set-pieces, a penalty decision and obviously they hit us on the break when we were pushing for an equaliser.

“We scored three away from home and scored two on Saturday. You can’t do that and only come away with one point. We’re doing good things in the final third but we just need to stop doing these silly mistakes.”

STATBANK Player Marks

Aribo = 7.63
Taylor = 7.43
Fosu = 6.66
Cullen = 6.09
Reeves = 5.61
Pearce = 5.39
Solly = 5.37
Grant = 5.28
Sarr = 5.26
Dijksteel = 5.09
Steer = 4.67
Pratley = 4.59

Team Average = 5.76

At The Game....

@RedChaser : Oh dear, where to start with that lot tonight? How about 4 mins in from a corner 0-1 Solly seemed to duck under the inswinger whilst Steer appeared to be caught out unawares summed up by one word SLOPPY!

Undeterred by the nonsense at the back we took the game to Scunny and scored from a corner by Cullen which Sarr nodded back across the box for Taylor to score at the far stick. With our tails up we continued to attack and Grant had two good chances but failed to convert. Then Taylor who was enjoying his roaming role out left fed the ball into Aribo who calmly dispatched it into the net off a defender 2-1 to the Londoners.

Then blow me down their equaliser came from a half cleared corner and the ball was returned with venom and took a deflection past the hapless Steer. Not happy with throwing away a lead we then handed it back to the Iron with Taylor going from Hero to villain with a poor ball infield which was like feeding pigs cherries and the oppo broke straight on goal and beat Steer inside his left hand post. For a keeper he's not that big and does not give me any confidence that he'll stop anything unless it is straight at him. HT 2-3 and time for Bowyer to read the riot act to try and get something from the game.

Out we came for the second period a good few minutes before the oppo obviously the words of wisdom were short and sharp along the lines of 'you've taken the lead once now go and do it again and defend properly ffs'. And the first part of the plan came to fruition with Taylor holding the ball up back to goal in the box and feeding Aribo who calmly slotted the equaliser 3-3; here we go here we go methinks. The ref however (we always get Sh*t refs) gives a pen for a cross on the goaline which hit Pearce's hand from about a yard. Absolutely nothing he could do about it, ball to hand, crazy decision! 3-4 down. On came Reeves for Prately and moved the ball around ok but final pass was lacking. We pressed for the equaliser and Aribo was up ended in the box, clear pen? no chance, despite the ref and Lino having clear views of it no more than 15 yards from either of them!

Then the final nail in the coffin in injury time Solly gave the ball away and break away United capitalised yet again and a dangerous cross which eluded both Sarr and Djiksteel was tucked away at the far post 3-5 game over.

Scoring three goals away from home and nothing to show for it is criminal. Phillips must come in for Steer, the lad does not comnand his area and after his poor decision making at Luton for their first goal needs a time out. Phillips distribution might not be as good but a keeper's main job is to stop goals and he is the better option in that regard for me. Page breaking down after 5 mins and Solly at left back, meh! More defensive displays like tonight and we can forget about the play offs never mind automatics, trouble is apart from Beilik who else is there to shore things up ;-(

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(Photo credit: Kyle Andrews)
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