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***UPBEATS DAY - TODAY***(Walkers - additional info on Page 4)

Guys and girls, its World Down Syndrome Day today and the perfect opportunity to launch our support for Upbeats 2018

I know its becoming a familiar cycle with Charlton drifting from one negative crisis to another, but one thing that has remained a positive constant throughout this period of turmoil has been the fantastic support given by Charlton fans to the Charlton Upbeats scheme.

Its amazingly 10 years since the Community Trust first launched its pilot of the scheme. They could see the potential and the following year were successful in winning ITV's 'People's Millions' competition that secured the funding required to properly launch the scheme. Long-term posters will remember that our members played a huge part in securing the phone votes required to win the contest.

Since then, we have been delighted to maintain a very close supporting association with the scheme. Through our members we have managed to donate an incredible £44,000 in support of the scheme over the last 8 years.

A reminder that the scheme does not receive any funding, which makes the supporters links and contributions to ensuring the scheme continues to not just exist but thrive so special.

Its now less than a month to the annual walk and celebration from the training ground to The Valley. We always have a fantastic turnout of members on the walk and I'm hoping this year will be no different. Anyone who has participated before will tell you it is something they were proud to have signed up for/

To register for the walk please continue through to the link HERE

Whether you are doing the walk or not, if you wish to assist in making a donation, or circulate amongst friends and family for fundraising, our Justgiving page to support is HERE

Thanks again for all your amazing support


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