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Best nicknames you've ever heard

I've known a bloke called Stevie for about 7 years as he goes to the same local pub as me, and only tonight did I find out it's not his real name.

He apparently used to sell blinds, so was a blind man - Stevie Wonder, Stevie.

Got me thinking about nicknames and I was wondering the best nicknames (and reasons behind them) you've heard?

The one I can think of off the top of my head is a guy who used to play for a Sunday league team I was on whose surname was McPhee - he kept trying to get everyone to call him Shooie despite us telling him he couldn't choose his own nickname. Cue the next guy on the team being given the nickname Shooie.

Sure you'll all have better ones!


  • Used to work with a guy called Moley as he looked like Adrian Mole ,
  • My cousins got a mate called Beer mat
  • There's a bike racer, Glenn Irwin who's known in certain circles as "The Human Swear Jar."
  • A friend told me of a work mate called Cess,surname Pitt.
    England cricketer John Crawley was called Creepy.
  • There used to be a lad at work who had a Mohican haircut, he was known as last of.
  • Paul ( human ) Romaines, English cricketer.
  • Also worked with a guy called Ruby (surname Murry)
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  • I got called dicknose once.
  • Used to play rugby with Richard (Dick) Pett .. nickname Crum
  • The late Kent & England cricketer Graham Dilley was nicknamed Picca.
  • Work with a lad from Middlesbrough. Call him Powerhouse because it was about the time when Osborne rambled on about 'the northern powerhouse'.
  • The former Kent batsman Neil Taylor was known as 'Crime' as in crime doesn't pay apparently.

    Something to with the drinks he allegedly didn't buy!
  • Just remembered another one from Sunday league - we had two Nigerian students called Obi on the team, so they were 'Obi 1' and 'Obi Twice'.
  • One of me dads old workmates Terry Bell was known as dinger
  • My Sunday side in the late eighties had a Northern Irish fella nicknamed Semtex. It later transpired he had been very aptly named!
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  • I was told that Gladstone Small was sometimes called Pearl. If you google Glsdstone Small you will find he was a cricketer and he had no neck. Hence, he was neckless.
  • Used to work with a fella nicknamed Egg on Legs.
  • Harbajhan Singh the Indian spinner is known as the "Turbanator"
  • Jane "bury me in a Y shaped coffin" Herrington.
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    Carlton Cole = Can't Control
    Bernt Haas = Vindaloo
    Cesar Azpilicueta = Dave
    Luther Blissett = Luther Miss-It
  • our Sunday team centre forward years ago used to be called 'jigsaw' cause he fell to pieces in the box
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