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Charlton v Ipswich match thread (FT 0-0, third clean sheet in a row but lacking goals...)



  • No need for a target man to back up Novak guys, I hear Foley is a capable no.9. Panic over.
  • Have we ever had such a weak and under-strength squad at this point in pre season?
    Yeah yeah, still a couple of weeks to go. Thing is, we need the players now to start to develop patterns of play and to get Slade's message over.
    The regime have done it again. Think I'm more angry about the way they've handled this pre season than anything else they've done.
  • So Rusty's claim of a new keeper being on board in the next 48/72 hours has not happened. As claimed on Saturday.
  • As posted on the preview , there's someone here in a Leicester tracksuit - presumably a scout
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  • Deadman likes Charlton games doesnt he
  • What they opened, just the West and away end?
  • Their squad looks just a tad stronger than ours. And Cameron Stewart on the bench for them!
  • How much did we sell Mitov for?

    Don't be silly, we don't sell players, we give them away
  • 13 subs on the bench for them
  • Scoham said:

    Is that Jackson on the left? He's 4 years older since that worked in League One (never really did in the Champ other than the odd game). Part of the reason it worked was because he had Wiggins at his best, with his pace, overlapping and running with the ball. All the things Fox isn't very good at.

    Is probably

    Solly ... Konsa ... Johnson ... Fox
    Holmes ... Crofts ... Foley ... Jackson ... Harriott
  • Reckon jacko and Crofts in the middle, Holmes and foley out wide with Harriott in behind ajose.
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  • Cawley says it's a 4-1-4-1 which suggests Holmes and Harriott on the wings and either Crofts or Foley anchoring the midfield.
  • You're wrong Russell , looking at this line-up we need 7-8 new players . A billion miles away !
  • So a 5 ft 6 poacher up front on his own. Much better.
  • No Bauer, no Tex, no Diarra, no Kashi...
  • No Bauer, no Tex, no Diarra, no Kashi...

    No hope
  • Almost every season for the last 20 would seriously have been thinking about going. Didn't even cross my mind as a possibility this year
  • Max 800-900 in the ground. Absolutely empty.
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