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Christmas Day breakfast

Biggest calorie-laden gut-busting day of the year.

Can no longer manage a fry up ahead of a big lunch, so this year will be....

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, with a glass of bucks fizz

What will you be starting the day off with?


  • Two bits of weetabix covered in sugar...
  • not a lot, early lunch .. boxing day though ... FULL English
  • Toast with Marmite and two cups of tea.
  • bacon sarnies and bucks fizz about 9am (which will be about 3 hours after the kids are up!)

    followed by copious amounts of twiglets, hero's, cheeselets and any other snack I can lay my hands on....Christmas dinner about 2.30(ish)....more snacks..........turkey sarnies about 8pm ;)

    booze all day long

    I love it
  • As mentioned on another thread will be at my sister-in-laws (1st time at Christmas) so will have to wait and see what she does, maybe a sausage or bacon sandwich.
  • Haggis and bacon rolls
  • Bacon Sandwiches always been the Staple of Xmas Breakfast but this year going for Bacon and Maple Syrup Sausages in Muffins.
    Missus wants Smoked Salmon and Poached egg (so much fckin Mess)

    Bucks fizz and a 1.5litre bottle Prosseco

    4 Meantime Pilsners with and around dinner

    Remy Martin and Cigar in the evening.
  • Left over kebab from the night before.......................failing that it will be a lovely bit of Porridge with some honey stirred in. Lunch will be so big I couldn't eat properly otherwise I'd only be able to consume the one plate!
  • Fry up for us.

    Going round my Mums this year and dinner will not be until gone 5 so they fry up will keep me going.
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  • Crumpets with full fat butter.
  • edited December 2014
    I'm going to have a nice tart.
    All depends how Christmas Eve pans out.
  • Smoked salmon, scrabbled egg and soda bread.
  • Reading this i thread i think i need to put a bit more effort into this.
  • couldn't manage a full English on Xmas Day so will probably be a bacon croissant or two washed down with an Americano.
    If not then a bowl of cereal will keep me going.
  • Will be having a curry on Christmas eve so chances are it will just be the bucks fizz in the morning
  • Yep, Smoked Salmon on Crispbread with prosecco bucks fizz. My daughter doesnt like fish, so she can sort something out for herself !
    I'm cooking this year, so no doubt my kids will have extra breakfast, just in case i balls it up (again) - else , its cheese on toast plus chocolates off the tree for Xmas.
  • Prosecco with a bit of Chambord whilst skyping the various family groups, then get stuck into the various forms of pork (ham, pigs in blankets, stuffing balls etc).
  • In our house, for the last couple of years I've done devilled kidneys for those who feel courageous, and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs for the wimps. ;-)
  • Smoked salmon, scrabbled egg and soda bread.

    Exactly this.
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  • Half a bag of gummy bears and a can of Guinness mixed with Baileys and Jamesons.
  • Fiiish said:

    Half a bag of gummy bears and a can of Guinness mixed with Baileys and Jamesons.

    Strangely that's exactly what I found down the back of my sofa last Christmas.
  • I'm not allowed to eat too many eggs for health reasons, but on Christmas Day it's a soft boiled egg with soldiers. I'm counting the days like a five year old.
  • Always have a small bowl of all bran and 3 satsumas. Helps prepare the stomach for a day of gorging stodge and ease the Yuletide log out.
  • Bowl of porridge before a 10 mile run. Perfect warm up for Christmas dinner. Can then eat as much as I like without feeling guilty!
  • Chocolate, usually a chocolate orange which always is a small gift for me
  • I'll eat a big plate for Christmas, most have seconds though and tons of spuds
  • The previous nights curry/chinese/pizza/keebab!
  • A spinach, carrot, pear and ginger smoothie before heading off to work.
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