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Match thread Addicks v's Watford 14/9/13



  • just noticed there are 5 championship games being broadcast on bein sports - US tv station - those of a technical persuasion might want to check out XBMC/Navi-x moving forward as we are bound to feature at some point moving forward....
  • mooney scores for Os
  • ball out of play....well done Finchy for keeping us informed
  • Our throw in our half.
    Quiet period, ball out of play deep in Hornets half, early tussle settles into a pattern and a need for new thinking, maybe our experienced players will come to the fore.
    Our attacking throw, .....
    Their throw, forester has ball, but now morro, clipped in, and casetti fouls in a good place for us.
  • morrow attacking......wilson fouled.....addicks fk on edge of box......
  • edited September 2013
    taken and cleared...they push forward quickly......hamer is now fouled....that sounded booking!!!
  • jacko takes it, and in, headed away, back in, but Watford break, hamer gets it.
    I don't think their has been a corner in this game yet.
  • hamer gets a fk......watford have it back...and they push forward again.....
  • we get it back.....yann...but tackled....they come again....watford playing keep ball..wiggy closes down....they go backwards
  • they still have it....and come again
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  • Watford head away, and in the middle, Watford attack, hold it midfield, but now yann, but thwarted. Watford come again, and dervite heads clear, Watford again, in middle, worked about including their keeper.
    ball forward, wood clears, and Watford get it and lose it.
  • we push them back to halfway line
  • Foresteri out wide, but we force them back, wood heads clear, and we get a loose pass, but now Watford cover to their keeper.
  • halfway through 1st half.....wiggy has it.....but tackled and they get it back
  • We counter, yann, dale, Wilson nicked away from him, Watford deep tho, ball out for their throw. deep.
  • wood has another strong challenge on foresteri who went down to easily
  • watford do now get a fk.....we cut it out with church......but out of play
  • Watford work it wide, get a throw, their right, fabrini and wiggy attacked, but gets it, looks for church doesn't quite work
    'chris powell will be the happier of the two managers' says payne.
  • Yann and church not being used as yet.....jj has comes in from wilson....jj shoots......wide
  • church has it....and is taken down...just on edge of box
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  • jacko on left, wiggy, church, pritch, yann, now Wilson crosses, but caught by keeper, he launches it, but pritch is there, dervite and morro, yann church brought down on edge of area, bellend booked. our FK.
  • watford player booked
  • fk 20 yds out and central
  • Where's harriott? Come on Charlton
  • jj and Yann lining it taken by jj.....corner
  • charltonJ said:

    Where's harriott? Come on Charlton

    Left out for Stewart
  • Well, yann or jacko?
    Ref sorting it all out, dale there too, dead centre, yann places ball
    six man wall, jacko, hits wall and now a corner
  • corner jj.......yann and church in a fight with in bother......
  • tractors 1-1 boro
  • handbags at 6 paces by the sound of it now
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