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Match thread Addicks v's Watford 14/9/13



  • seth plum said:

    dizzee, can you get BBC Three Counties radio?

    Not sure, will give it a go. Cheers mate.
  • ok here we go then......teams on way out.....COYR's
  • We are at Vicarage road.
    Surprise line up and formation from Zola today.
    Just maybe Dale will have a good game.
    Derek Payne says fabrini and Foresteri together is going to be the thing for Watford, they reckon we will have more in central midfield. (in numbers)
  • I don't remember Watford playing Z cars. I thought that was just Everton.
  • We have to be controlled on possession. And competitive defending against their attacking threat.
    Fingers crossed.
  • Watford formation is 3-4-1-2......addicks formation is 3-5-2
  • People have mentionned Cameron Stewart on the bench but not the fact that Richard Wood is starting. Does that mean that we are playing 5 at the back? With Church and Kermorgant up front won't we be a bit over-run in midfield?

    5-3-2/3-5-2 same way we played against Huddersfield and Leicester.
  • Watford 3-4-2-1
    VFR again rings out.
  • JR likes the colour of the shirts!! oh good
  • Many miles have I travelled,
    Many games have I seen,
    Following Charlton my favourite team.
    Many hours have I spent in the covered end choir,
    Singing Valley Floyd Road,
    My only desire

    Valley Floyd Road,
    Oh mist rolling in from the Thames,
    My desire, is always to be found at
    Valley, Floyd Road!
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  • COYR
    And come on our community on here, no melts.
  • They're saying it's a 3-5-2. I didn't listen to the Leicester game so I didn't know we used it then.
  • off we go then........watford ko
  • morrow clears from the off...they get it back.....and attack...wood clears.....they have it again
  • Hi all...yep, you guessed rolling a fat one.
  • come on you reds!
  • Payne says we lack consistency, but on our day we can win matches.
    here we go.
    Watford KO.
    Watford attack vicarage road end, Hornets possession, Wood clears for touch. Watford work the ball, look for deeney, morro there ball back with their keeper.
  • we clear and thier keeper has it.......sends it long.....shot comes in.....wood takes it full in the face...their throw
  • they attack again.......cross comes in.....but it goes just wide as it was a cross cum shot
  • Morro blocks forestieri, throw attacking for Watford, they keep it, work it around midfield, deeney and forester, and forester just wide, good Watford attack, they have started brightly.
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  • we are under early pressure
  • they knock it about well.....but we get wilson....sqaures just misses it
  • Wilson and pritch, dale involved, pritch again, Yann and Wilson, half chance to reach church, we were dangerous there.
  • edited September 2013
    trotter 0-1 united (varney)
  • good chance there for us......stevo now comits a foul..watford fk on halfway line....stevo booked
  • pritch wins ball, finds Wilson, but then a dale foul, a tug back, gets a lecture apparently, forestieri was fouled, Dale is BOoked.
  • fk taken...4 mins gone....
  • both teams started brightly...
  • wilson whips the ball in.....cleared
  • stevo has it.....wood...pritch.....yann.....morrow.....
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