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Match thread Addicks v's Watford 14/9/13



  • BBC say we have 74% possesion?
  • First corner, jacko, tussles in the box, all sorts, was someone punched, ref involved, a decision coming up, hmmmn, church involved, mutual shirt pulling, and hands raised, lecture from the ref, two yellows shown.
  • Paul Green ‏@NewsShopperSprt
    Nicky Bailey kicks out at Adam Smith but doesn't catch him. Getting a bit tense. #Millwall #DCFC (BP)
  • both players and the italian
  • Both teams on two bookings. ours are dale and Church, corner in, yann handball. Watford FK.
  • yann has it.....shoots just wide......but fk now to watford
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    whoops wrong thread
  • game is livening up.....watford attack....but we clear
  • Watford upfield, wood clears, but they come again, but now our defensive throw.
  • 4 players booked so far...2 from each side
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  • Wood sounds like a one man show.
  • Good support in background. deeney offside. We are doing well at the moment, wiggy upfield our corner now.
  • dervite...wiggy attacks....addicks corner
  • corner taken...stevo is pushing and shoving again.....captains called over.....
  • Paul Green ‏@NewsShopperSprt
    Watford fans certainly are a whiny bunch. Charlton starting to get under their skin and it's showing, but can Charlton make it count?
  • COYR rings out. ref watchful on Church and their bloke.
    Ball in, and headed away, and cleared, Watford counter, our half, go wide, and a shot 10 yards wide. we had backed off.
  • right corner to be taken it comes.....wood...losses out...watford attack quickly....pritch holds them up....shot comes in ..well done pritch it was high wide and handsome
  • Charlton Athletic FC ‏@CAFCofficial
    33' Watford crowd starting to play their part. They're ppealing for absolutely everything (JS) #cafc
  • could be a sending off in this game I reckon....
  • We sound like we are doing ok - but it is at times like this that I keep expecting to refresh and see the standard 'FFS'......
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  • Tight tense and tough they say.
    Watford approach, dale heads away, now Wilson, ball bouncing around, long headed by wood, pritch and dervite work the ball, wood involved, morro to Wilson, we continue and break, wiggy cross, yann church, but volleyed clear...great earlier work from yann.
  • glovers down to 10 against wendies
  • watford clear their lines shoots.....wouldn't come down...bugger.....wood again.....pritch over runs it
  • good spell of pressure from addicks there.....watford gk taken....dervite to wiggy....pritch.....gets tackled...they attack.....stevo tackles..and concedes a fk
  • foresteri went down easy and bought the the fk....jj gets involved with deeney......25 yds out.....
  • Paul Green ‏@NewsShopperSprt
    Suspect Lee Grant in the Derby goal is about as cold as me right now. #Millwall struggling. #DCFC (BP)
  • fk taken.....wall stands strong.....great tackle from Wilson to clear....
  • Watford lose out, but pritch gives it away, their goal kick now.
    fabrini looks for space, but dervite and wiggy, pritch loses out again, and dale fouls their bloke. Tightrope for dale. their FL 30 yards out, lewis mcgoogan ready. They say there is a red card in this game somewhere.
    FK into wall, but still Watford, but Wilson covers to hamer. pen claim, but it was brilliant from Wilson.
  • well done wilson....great play
  • good defending from addicks....
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