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Match thread Addicks v's Watford 14/9/13



  • This is Vicarage Road. Must scare the hell out of the oppo.
  • Solly presumably still suffering knee injury. Harriott not even on the bench; Wilson and Wiggins will need to get forward. Let's start fast and lively, keep the tempo going from the Leicester game. COYR.
  • Welcome to you Rob.
    Derek Payne is the summariser.
  • Where's Solly? :-)

    Solly, not good enough.

    Or signed for West Ham.

  • Chris Powell must've finally realised he's too short for this level! :-)
  • saw Solly at the training ground on Tuesday and he looked fine in training but the word was that he wouldn't be risked today, Cort was in treatment room with knee problem.
  • Lennon misses out.
  • early kick off
    Clarets 1-1 Rovers FT
  • Ground 'filling up nicely' they say.
    Derek Payne says Watford will have hunger and desire, compared to last season stronger in depth, trying to pass through teams since Vidrys pace has gone. Deeney will get support from Forestieri and Fabrini today, Bellend a big centre half is introduced, will need to see how he does (against Yann?).
  • Jamie Reid and Pete F today on commentary....just hope JR keeps to the game...I'm sure Pete will keep him in line.
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  • Sorry Belkalem.
  • Wilson at right back? God help us.
  • JaShea99 said:

    Wilson at right back? God help us.

    Yeah, he was awful when we beat Leicester...
  • Watford are one of the better teams in a tough división, but we seem to turn it on against these sort of teams (remember Cardiff last season!) Hoping for at least a draw.
  • bbc football web site just gets worse, they have us and Donny as having played 5 games, before we start today, in the "as it stands" table
  • Watford fans reaction to their line up on Twitter suggests they're playing a very attacking line up. The way they've named their team it looks like they're playing some sort of 3-4-3.

    Hope we can handle them, might give us more space on the counter.
  • 10 mins till KO.............COYR's
  • Solly is off then. Heard he's going on loan to QPR.
  • On a serious note shame Cousins misses out again.
  • Anyone have any radio links???
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  • Where can I listen to this?
  • need to come out of the blocks flying.....put them on back foot and gain an early upper hand.......nice early Yann goal would be the order of the day
  • They are going to use deeley as the force up front, with forester and fabrini darting about. There will be massive pressure on Wood, and we will need Dervite to provide a lot of screening, certainly winning a good percentage of first balls. In my view, the initial pass on any counter attack for us is crucial, we don't really seem to have much width today.
  • dizzee, can you get BBC Three Counties radio?
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  • If they are playing 3-4-3 then that would create space on the counter for us.....question is can we use the right ball out of defence?
  • I think we'll miss Cort. Time to see what Wood can do. COYR!!!
  • sorry upfront for any spelling mistakes and typos...............VFR sounding loud and clear
  • People have mentionned Cameron Stewart on the bench but not the fact that Richard Wood is starting. Does that mean that we are playing 5 at the back? With Church and Kermorgant up front won't we be a bit over-run in midfield?
  • Hi fom Dubai!
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