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Swindon away ticket restrictions (13.50 Update - SOLD OUT)

Have to say I am utterly appalled at the club's process for selling seats for Swindon next week. Obviously I understand there is only a limited amount of time until the game takes place however, putting them straight on sale to all season ticket holders, valley gold members and red card holders with away history is a disgrace.

We have only 2,000 tickets for this game and all of a sudden they have been opened up to 12 or 13,000 people all able to buy them tomorrow. I have been to well over half of our away matches this season (and indeed for most of the last few years) and the club have rightly been prioritising away travellers all season but now all of a sudden for the play-off semi final that has gone out of the window.

If myself and my party fail to get tickets for this game I will be furious. I do not see why the club cannot at least have one day (e.g. Monday) with restricted sale before opening it up to all season ticket holders to ensure that the tickets are distributed fairly.

Would be very pleased to hear a prompt response as to the rationale behind this from those within the club. I am overanticipating demand?


  • [cite]Posted By: paulsturgess[/cite]If myself and my party fail to get tickets for this game I will be furious. I do not see why the club cannot at least have one day (e.g. Monday) with restricted sale before opening it up to all season ticket holders to ensure that the tickets are distributed fairly.

    couldn't agree more ... surely they should have allowed the frequent away travellers one day priority
  • totally agree 14 away games vlley gold, already got next years ST, booked home leg tkt in advance as the club asked
  • what ever they do will pee people off

    cant win
  • I agree entirely. Think they should have had one day for season ticket holders/VG with a purchase history of four away games this season, then from Tuesday all season ticket holders. I've been to well over half the away games and it is unfair that someone who hasn't been to a single away game can get a ticket at the same time as me. To ensure I get one though Mrs Large will be down The Valley from 8.30am tomorrow.
  • they have a few days to sell them,dont want them selling slow with restrictions as per usual,well done the club
  • 18 aways and a season ticket holder for last 12 years. Shoddy.
  • I'm pretty sure anyone who wants a ticket will get one as long as you got your head screwed on or forget about it etc. It maybe a bit of a pain to take time off work or waste an hour trying to get through on the phone but your get one (or two).
  • Easy make sure you get in quick

    Its not Charlton unless you have something to moan about
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    Agree that people will always moan, BUT

    what is going to happen is there is a possibility there is going to be a mad scramble at 9am tomorrow on the phones. People are going to be waiting a while, and at 10p a min it can add up and not always possible when you are at work.

    It may tank, and the demand not be there like some think. But by throwing it open straight away to any supporter who has happened to have gone to one away game this season, or a ST holder that hasn't even been to one, it does run the risk of a few worthy people missing out.

    Even if they had arranged some prioritisation for tomorrow of just say 3hrs till midday, it would also of helped ease the rush (making their job easier), less queues on the phones and a more certain degree of knowledge that those going will more likely be those who have put the miles in this season.
  • Don't understand this stuff about "people will always moan" etc. I like to think I don't normally moan but I don't think I am being particularly highly strung to be angry about the fact that I could miss out on a ticket to a crucial play off semi-final match to some fair-weather supporters who only bother to go away for the special occasions (not saying that everybody who doesnt travel away is fair weather, but some could be), or even somebody who has been to 1 match all season (say Millwall away), and no others home or away. I have been going to every home game and a majority of away games for as long as I've been able to afford it myself, and likewise my brothers, including this season, and I think I, and anybody else in a similar boat (there obviously aren't 2,000 in that category) have every right to be guaranteed a ticket for these occasions when they come around.

    Nolly -
    "they have a few days to sell them,dont want them selling slow with restrictions as per usual,well done the club"

    I have to say that comment really grates on me - is it a case of sod fairness/the supporters then just make sure we sell as many tickets as soon as possible? I didn't think that was supposed to be Charlton. All they had to do was introduce a priority system as indicated above for a short time, even if it was just 3hrs as suggested by AFKA. I am fairly confident i will get a ticket anyway but there should not have been any question or indeed any panic / late into work etc scenario which doesnt do supporters or the club any favours.
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  • We would have preferred to manage the sale of these tickets more, but the timescales and call on resources for home sales don't allow it.

    There are also very mixed opinions about the likely take-up.

    I've already seen an email from a ST holder who believes that he should have priority over regular away travellers.

    I appreciate that each qualifying group - STs, VG, regular away travellers - will have a view that they should have priority, but we simply don't have the infrastructure (staffing, phone lines, internet flexibility and time) to deliver it. We are not saying it is perfect, just that it is the best we can do in the circumstances.
  • Obviously I don't know the details / logistics so if it really is not logistically possible then i have some degree of sympathy. Having said that I find it difficult to understand that it can really be that testing to have a period of restricted sales for an extra day - as AFKA suggested, surely it is going to be more arduous for staff when they potentially have to deal with thousands at the box office / over the phone all trying to buy tickets at 9 - 9:30am tomorrow. At least providing restrictions would have staggered sales hence reducing this effect.
  • Airman,

    What is the chance of more tickets being released? I know they allow away fans in the side stand and behind the goal sometimes?

    Is that possible for this game?
  • Airman, how many you expecting to be at the ticket office come 9am tomorrow morning?
  • Swindon have indicated we will be getting the minimum allocation allowed under the rules. I think they expect to sell the rest to their supporters and I'm not clear that they haven't put us behind the goal instead of in the stand where we were earlier this year.

    We are giving them 3,400, which was a decision based on the possibility of playing Leeds or Millwall. It is not about money, since the receipts are pooled, more that we don't wish to encourage away fans into home areas, which would have been the effect of restricting Millwall and Leeds. We have no idea if the home game will sell out.
  • [cite]Posted By: Airman Brown[/cite]We are giving them 3,400

    So a home block as well then or is that the JS total capacity?
  • Jimmy Seed is 3,200 :-(
  • Airman, we were under the impression that we had already reserved tickets for both legs when we booked for Oldham. Is this not the case now and how are we Kent folk going to get tickets? Bring in proportional representation!
  • We're giving Swindon part of the east or west :l I bloody hope not.

    Think the Jimmy Seed holds 3,400
  • I also think the fact that red card holders who have been to every away game this season (well done, bloody hell) can effectively buy 23 tickets for the game.

    If I'm reading that right its absolutely ridiculous.
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  • I really don't think the South stand holds that many, but hey, Airman knows better than me.

    Really don't understand the logistics in allowing Monday morning grace for people who have done 4x away games this season with a ST.

    Just not thought through properly/at all.
  • I don't believe we will sell out that quickly tomorrow, we're never that great in selling away tickets quickly. And with it being a Friday night and on tv with little time to get a few hours off work some people won't know what their doing.
  • The logistics thing is a red herring - allowing one day for regular away fans with a ST cannot be any more difficult.
    It's crap to talk of logistics. it's just an attitude of couldn't care that much or bloody laziness!
  • Im more annoyed they have not announced Coach Tickets yet, I normally finish work Friday but looking to get the coach.
  • I'll be putting up the coach details in the next few hours. The Jimmy Seed Stand holds 3,400 - extra seats were added at the front during the Prem years.
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    Does it not seem strange there were tighter initial restrictions in place for the Exeter away game than there is for a play off semi final game?

    From Exeter game:

    Tickets will initially be made available to season-ticket holders who are Valley Gold members, and Valley Gold members or season-ticket holders who have bought places to at least four different away fixtures this season (up to the maximum number of tickets purchased for four away games).

    How hard is it to replicate the above from Monday from 9am through to 1pm for example?
  • Did we honestly think that whatever the outcome everyone would be happy? Saving grace is that the game is on sky
    I don't think that the club realised how high the demand would be
  • I don't understand how the north lower is the same price as the west lower, £25 - If I was looking for a decent view I would not even hesitate where to sit.
  • Disco, the North Lower is priced at £25 so the club can justify charging away fans £25 for the Jimmy Seed as that is considered equivalent accomodation.

    I think this is very poor and un-Charlton like and have complained to the club.

    For most home games I bought a £17 ticket for the North-West but sat in the North Lower - don't imagine this will be so easy for Swindon as it should be close to a sell out
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