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MK Dons role call

Six points needed from the next two games and I am sure we can play a big part in that.

If your going saturday give us a OI OI


  • Yep, got my tickets straight after the Millwall game, but as I got tickets early we'll probably be in shit seats :(
  • torn really....feel I ought to go, but have better things to do than get
  • I'll be there with pshrimpt, where do the away fans bev?
  • Undecided but probably no
  • leaving it till the last minute to decide this one....if I do go, would probably have to take my little'un along
  • oi oi and also think we will get 6 points from next two games
  • Yep.
  • Yep, me and Al junior
  • oi oi
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  • I'm in with my dad and brother!
  • Yep!

    It's our 6th wedding anniversary. Mrs Muse and I will be celebrating with our first trip to Milton Keynes followed by a night at a posh hotel in Tring.
  • The big one is Southampton, got a return from victoria for 11 quid which aint too bad.
  • Oi oi! plus two others. 6 points over the next two games I think.
  • where is everyone thinking of drinking. been there a few times for gigs at the bowl and theres an indoor shopping centre place with a whetherspoons i think that does chicken wings in a bucket and cheap beer. dont know how far from the ground tho but pretty near stn.
  • anyone know if they are selling tickets on the day
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]anyone know if they are selling tickets on the day

    neither website bothers to mention this
  • does anyone know how many we have sold from the intial 1500 allocation, it was just over 900 last monday, gotta sell all 1500 at least surely
  • Not this season maybe next season but i liked Wimbledon
  • I read somewhere we had sold 1200 on Friday
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  • Yep, looking forward to this one. strangely following Sats good result, I feel far more optimistic about the rest of season. Sure it won't last
  • [cite]Posted By: JT[/cite]I read somewhere we had sold 1200 on Friday


    How many did we get allocated?
  • 1500 mate

    Looks like that will be the max we take unless they sell on the door
  • edited March 2010
    Just ordered tickets, only 30 minute drive from mine!
  • Yes, nice short drive or train from Cov
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]Oi Oi

    Only because the seats are cushioned ;-)
  • I'll be there 1st away game for god knows how long
  • Getting 6 tomorrow!

    Does anyone know when the cut off time is for getting coach seats?

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