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Charlton Life Summer Story

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With a whole summer less Charlton before us perhaps we could write ourselves a mini-novel, line by line, live! I shall offer the first line as a starter:

AKFA had just finished a long hot Friday at the office and a mixture politics, religion and heightism on Charlton Life had made him angry...he needed a drink and spotting a sign stating "Something Special for the weekend?" on the front of a bar near London Bridge, he decided to enter...


  • As he entered he encountered a group of giants all drinking babycham, he was unsure what to do next so he...
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    walked up to the bar, set-up the step ladder he always carries with him, climbed it and greeted the barman.
    "What would you like to drink, sir?" asked the barman...
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    "Hello Gerry" said AFKA as he ordered his usual drink of a Kaliber he then...
  • ...............settled down with his kebab to read OK magazine!!!!!
  • ........ where Marcus and Gemma were..........
  • holiding hands and talking about the recent economic crisis in the UK and the US. Nolly then walked into the bar and...
  • Was DISCUSSted to find that Carter and Medders were wrestling on the floor over...
  • a bed of jelly eels, with Radio 1 playing in the background. At this point Gumbo came in, shouting "give me a...."....
  • kiss...
  • Reluctantly AFKA puckered up !!!!!!
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  • ScoSco
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    or that's what he told his real object of desire...
  • "I'll have a short please" AFKA shouted to the barman.
  • WSS, who was hanging around the ladies toilets like a....
  • Jordan round a sunbed......................
  • man possessed, his little black book filled with numbers he turned around only to have his smile wiped away by...
  • an oncoming Vanessa Feltz, wearing just a borat style mankini...
  • Gump was by the bar thinking " I would"..
  • She thrust her ample cleavage..................
  • DA9DA9
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    Into Gumps mini beard
  • and promptly farted.
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  • Gump still did
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    ..and hasn't been seen since.

    meanwhile, in the Snug, Curb-it was proudly showing her new Rangers tattoo......;-)
  • "I am a billy girl" she proudly stated
  • More like a silly Billy Whispered Tavern
  • Tavern rued his statement as he wheeled himself out of A&E that next morning
  • suffering the worst head lock burns in medical history
  • However, he then
  • bumped into Henry Irvine who was wearing his new C&A cardigan.
  • made a full recovery and did the bouncy bouncy all the way down the high street

    where he bumped into
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