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  • Re: Emma Chambers RIP

    Terrible, the best bit of Dibley was the joke in the final credits.

  • Re: The influence of the EU on Britain.

    Balance, you say, @Stonemuse? On the one hand you post the fact free rant of a right wing extremist who is paid to gratuitously peddle his own personal bucket of hate, and "balance" it with a modest paragraph pointing out factual contradictions of elected politicians. Yep, balance, according to the authoritarian right wing playbook. Good work, fella, undone all that confusing touchy-feely "closer to each other than we might think" guff that you were coming out with last week.


    BTW (while of course you only cut and pasted it ) any British citizen who uses the ridiculous phrase "virtue signalling" should be summarily deported to Des Moines, Iowa. It's bad enough having people on this thread completely misusing the phrase "neo-liberal" (itself another American linguistic perversion)

    Right, as you were...

  • Re: Memorable Brawls

    Charlton Leeds at St Andrews Play off final 87.

    Leeds forward Ian Baird went in late on Bob Bolder as he came out to collect the ball. Whilst Baird was sitting on the floor following his kick on Bob, Peter Shirtliff came up and knees Baird in the back of the head. Cue nearly all players getting involved (Colin Walsh sending Jon Sheridan flying to the floor!!) Only two players booked (Shirtliff and Baird). Proper game with proper fights back then not like the strictly come dancing cobblers we saw yesterday
  • Re: Let's just all calm down here...

    We’ve only won 5 out of our last 18 league games. People have every right to be losing patience with Robinson. Too many people keep thinking this is just a blip and keep banging on about our good start to this season which was over 5 months ago. Time to live in the present people. 5 wins against dire opposition in our last 18 league games is quite frankly dire.
  • Re: Memorable Brawls

    Wrexham away in the eighties. We had already played them once and in that game Joey Jones cut Killer in two.
    Next game Warman started a brawl and when the dust had settled Joey Jones was stretched out on the pitch. I wonder who did that.
  • Re: Duchatelet's sale of Charlton "imminent" - (Pg 422 - Imminence is not as imminent as we thought)

    Any rumours today?
    Heard some good news about the sale from someone more ITK than me yesterday. He’s on here but is discreet.
    I am now less worried than I was before.
    Go on then ... I don’t get all this smoke and mirrors, if you’ve heard something just say it
    I have said all I know. Someone I respect a great deal said there’s some good news coming soon re the takeover. If they want to add more on here I’m sure they will. But it was someone who gave me a piece of info some weeks ago that turned out to be correct. So I’m hoping this will too. It’s not someone who posts that sort of info on here.
    Anyway, I feel less despondent now than I did a few days ago, so wanted to share.
  • Re: 6 Nations 2018.

    Reffing was fine, stop whinging. Beaten by the better team.
    It is possible to slate the ref whilst still acknowledging that you were deservedly beaten.

    I think that is all anyone has done.
  • Re: The influence of the EU on Britain.

    You wouldn't know, but number 4 in his list is a bit near the mark for me, family wise. My brother could have written it, and he thinks of me as one of those being described. His words to me were "you got a slap in the face" and it was only my guess that he meant "you" plural, that stopped him getting a bigger one back. The problem with his view is that we are brothers, from the same modest Eltham family, whose parents were absolutely even-handed in the support they gave all three of us to get on in life. Liberal elite family, we are not. My brother made his calls in life, yet is unwilling to own them.

    The author I suspect probably comes from a far more "elite" background, however I have an unsupported theory that most prominent Brexiteers suffer from acute piles, or don't get laid enough (which would explain why so many of them seem to get tangled up with Russian women). Certainly they have a deep well of hatred which cannot be explained simply by a principled objection to the abolition of roaming charges.
    Sounds much like the Leave voters I know in real life. Upset and bitter at some invisible injustice, despite being well off in comparison to most other people. Some sense of entitlement that although life is good it should be better and it is someone else's fault. Not a person you would call xenophobic or racist but if they were in a crowded waiting room at the hospital or couldn't get a seat on a train they'd be looking at all the non-British looking people and thinking that they, as a white born and bred Briton, should get preferential treatment/service just by the accident of his birth. Completely unaware of their own privilege. And the only reason why they think the EU is the cause of their non-problems is due to a constant 30 year barrage of negative EU headlines. They don't read the Daily Mail or Express but every day they walk past a newsstand where the most prominent headlines in capitals are "EU'S FAULT".

    F@cking gutted for them held on for so long
  • Re: Let's just all calm down here...

    it was obvious before kick off that Shrewsbury were fitter and more professional than us by watching both teams warm ups. It was confirmed in the game by the way we passed it out from the back direct to the opposition, to their play where they passed to another player in the same colour shirt. Until our players can gain that basic ability to pass to a team mate and if possible pass forward to a team mate we will remain an average L1 team