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Post match views: Charlton v Southend

Not good enough imo.  Need Taylor back desperately 


  • Fosu dreadful. Made so many wrong decisions with his passes. Had a good sight at goal in added time. Bloody shoot!!!
  • Bored of it. 
  • Taylor back. We knew these 3 games would be shit even if we had kept Grant.

    Still in for playoffs.
  • Be lucky to finish in top six. Fosu poor decision making. Didn't even hear Vetokele's name. Parker made an impact when he came one. 
  • Igor a long way off the pace. 
    A lot resting on Taylor now.
  • Didn't play too badly overall, we just have nothing in front of goal - quelle surprise. Williams class above.
  • I think we'll make the playoffs, but then we'll need to be lucky three games in a row. 
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  • Piss poor in truth reeves and Sarr were decent. Why he bought reeves off and not fosu baffled me. Not good enough today. 
  • Shite, shite, shite I'm afraid, needed to score when we dominated play between 65-75 mins but didn't, and in the end the Southend timewasters prevailed
  • Parker our best player when he came on by the way.
    Agree there, thought he did very well.

    sarr is a monster and Williams is a cut above this league!
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    While I agree Roland has screwed us (as usual) by not giving Bowyer any Karlan cash, Taylor’s red card against Accrington has been the biggest problem.
    He’s the focal point and we needed that consistency at the very least after losing Grant.
    Hopefully the last three games haven’t screwed the rhythm we’d got into. Taylor back, bring in Mason and roll on next week. 
  • What a surprise.

    Underwhelmed of Strood.
  • Williams and Cullen were excellent. Impressed with Parker. Reeves was decent. 

    Igor was poor, as was Solly. Fosu - Where has he gone, awful awful display. 
  • Automatic promotion is well and truly gone now, the gap is too big. Luton seem unstoppable and Barnsley are on a great run of 11 unbeaten.

    We need a fully rested Taylor back urgently as without him we'll be outside the top 6.

    With him the best we can hope for is to finish top 4 and have a play off second leg at home. 
  • How can a manager make such a great substitution followed by such a bad one?
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  • ct_addick said:
    Be lucky to finish in top six. Fosu poor decision making. Didn't even hear Vetokele's name. Parker made an impact when he came one. 
    This. Only striker we have at the club is Taylor. I have no confidence in anyone else. Never rated Igor. Sadly this team if left alone had a chance of getting promoted. 

    Just leave Roland please. Your game is no longer amusing. 
  • Any potential new owners in directors box today as had been reported earlier in the week that there would be?

  • Lots of excellent build up play and not of the normal slow kind. But the final ball/decision was lacking today and the shooting was weak. 

    On a positive note, Parker won 3-4 good headers at the far post and looked good. Vetokele got 90+ minutes. Sarr continued his excellent form and I thought Purrington looked good too. It was far from a bad performance but it was a bad result.

    First we need to get in the play offs and then we need to hit form in order to win them. 
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Roland Out!