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POST MATCH THREAD : Port Vale Vs Charlton Athletic : Saturday 6th January 2024

Subbing for @LoOkOuT here, and haven't seen the game, so am basing this on the BBC summary
Another day, another injury time goal conceded. We took the lead through CBT just before the half hour mark, but went in on level terms due to a 45th minute penalty. Just before the hour mark, Kanu put us 2-1 up, but we only held on to that lead for 4 minutes before Port Vale equalised, and Tyreece Campbell put us 3-2 up in the 83rd minute. But in the 92nd minute, a shot from outside the box and we were pegged back to 3-3
Your thoughts?


  • Same every week. But at least we didn’t lose.
  • Just watched the latest edition of Carry On Cock Up
    Tune in next week for Carry On Hammered. 
  • Not great, but still could have won with Dobson's chance at the end.

    I prefer it when the opponents have less shots and we have more shots tbqh. Call me old fashioned if you must. 


  • 29 shots my arse. 
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  • Two terrible defences. Two mediocre L1 sides. If we do not strengthen the defence we can forget about next season as well.

  • Beds... In answer to your question on the Match Thread

    Salvaged a point: Stevenage - Blackpool - Portsmouth - Barnsley
    Dropped two points: Port Vale - Carlisle - Cambridge - Burton

    Shrewsbury ended 0-0

    I said it when we went 3-2 up though, we just don't seem to have the same mentality we do at home, when we're away - Barnsley onwards our form has been dreadful regardless of where we've played, but for the most part this season we've been able to rely on picking up three points at home.

    Even without the fact we've not won in seven games now, just one win on the road is just as big an issue as the fact that we cant keep clean sheets... If not worse, as you can still win a game 2-1 etc.
  • At 3-2 up I am just glad we managed to scrape a point

    Hopefully the new lads protect the defence a bit more but this is the softest Charlton team I’ve ever seen in 40 years supporting them 
  • edited January 6
    Is that 5 straight matches with a goal conceded after 85 mins? 
  • Entertaining game. That's all you can expect these days. Value for money at least.
  • Predictable.
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  • We are in the top 6 guys and gals….. for goals conceded!!!
  • Leuth said:
    Jones 8 (after a hilariously bad foul + yellow and being outfought for a goal) vs Hector 3 (not remotely to blame for any goal) in Player Marks already. Great 

    Our problem was the midfield again, though. Those new signings had best be up to speed 
    100% agree! Midfield is so light 
  • 3 - 3 was quiet entertaining to watch to be honest.

    But low and behold, same overall squad, same
    manager, same issues - though today they seemed to be hyper in view.

    The manager is not going to change in the short term so the only hope is that the players we being in this January are real quality. 
  • Yawn, so fucking predictable. 
  • Well in the lads 👌

  • We just don’t know how to win.
  • Happy clappys will still not have a bad word against this shower of shit !
  • Im a big jones fan, but he was shit today, Hector wasnt much better though
  • I looked at the pre match predictions, I didn't see anybody declaring that we would get anything with the side that went out there, that team is full of kids, that needs changing.
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