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Magical Valley Moments.

The ref giving Steve Brown a red card as he was stretchered off with a broken whatnot.


  • Killer breaking the scoring record against Huddersfield
  • Taking my kids for the first time. I live a decent distance away now but that first visit (v. Huddersfield on Chis Powell's return) has led to my kids becoming fans and subsequently my games per season becoming less sporadic.  
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    Davo55 said:
    Johnny Robinson wheeling away like a demented labrador after he'd scored the equaliser in the 3-3 draw against Man United. 
    Remember that well, great scenes. 
  • Ending Huddersfield’s unbeaten run, can’t remember how many games, at the Valley. 2-0.
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    Choiyoking Davina McCall when she was doing some tv thing on the pitch.

    Getting a football on the back of the head from a player warming up, when doing the centre circle tarpaulin before a match.

    That feller doing Nessun Dorma.

    Giving Kinsella, Powell, Kermogant, Mendonca etc send offs.

    John Barnes introduced to the crowds.
  • My first visit to the Valley on a freezing December afternoon in ‘69 with the floodlights on and a home win!
    Wish I could remember who we played and who scored!
  • David Whyte Whyte Whytes last minute free kick against Brentford in the Cup.

    Shaun Newtons howitzer in the play off v Ipswich.
  • Cliff Durandt scoring in the last minute against Southampton to give us a chance of staying up (which we took).
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