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Everyday things from back in the day that seem really weird now

Keep it light!

- The fact that you had a book delivered to your house with absolutely every in town's home phone numbers in it (bar a few ex-directory people).

- Not being able to contact people if they weren't in.  Basically make plans and hope they show up in the right place.

- Smoking in offices, pubs, on planes etc.


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    Everything wrung up on a till - lack of bar codes.
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    Pressing button B
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    When I was a teenager, no computers, mobile phones, electronic games, all day television, no worrying about inflation, mortgages. I thought I was happy just watching Charlton, going to the pub and to the Roxi cinema every Sunday to see the new film of the week. Now everybody expects a lot more
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    Soccer Saturday was letting Ceefax scroll through the three / four pages whilst the game went on.

    Was how I kept up to date of our promotion @ Blackburn in 2000

    Finding porn magazines thrown in the bushes
    Indeed porn mags at all  ;)
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    Sitting watching ceefax for a whole afternoon 
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    High streets being completely dead on a Sunday.

    Bank Holidays too - used to work at a cinema and it was basically us, the pubs and McDonalds open.
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    Dialling 196, dial-a-disc
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    Davo55 said:
    Jumping off the bus when it was starting to slow down before your stop. Ditto opening the train doors and jumping out on the platform to try and beat the crowds at Cannon Street.
    Bus drivers leaving the door open to let a breeze into the bus in the summer.
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