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Charlton Life is 15 Years Old - Some Highlights and Favourites

As mentioned in this post a few weeks ago, in honour of Charlton Life's 15th Birthday I'm trying sort out a collection of the best or most memorable threads and posts from the site. The list below isn't exhaustive, as I've not been able to track down some of the posts suggested, let alone wade through all the various takeover and protest threads to work out which ones are which, but hopefully this is a good start.
Site Stuff
In the early days of the site, there was more than just the forum. There were regular blog posts from a number of different contributors, some funny and some serious, as well as a picture gallery of Charlton related photos. Unfortunately as the site became more popular, the infrastructure supporting it couldn't always handle the load, so it became necessary to move to a new platform, and so the blogs and the gallery were no more. However, you can still access some of them via, although it can be a bit hit and miss. I have a particular soft spot for @AFKABartram's occasional forays into song, such as his "Dead Ringer For Love" inspired take on Steve McLaren's treatment of Darren Bent, or the Bonnie Tyler style response to our managerial woes in late 2008. Alternatively, you may enjoy his suggestions for how Darren Bent could up his media profile or the tales of his application for the Charlton manager's job pre-Dowie, and then the Palace manager's post vacated by Dowie.
The Gallery Archive is divided into different collections, many of which only have partial thumbnails archived, but you can access full size pictures for a few of them, some of which I've included below.
Derek Hales with a pint - picture by Steve Bridge  Brown and Bergkamp  Che Hales Flag
(Derek Hales, Brown & Bergkamp © Steve Bridge, the Che Hales flag picture is uncredited in the archive)
As far as the forum goes, the oldest existing post still has some useful tips, although some of the site functionality has changed along the way, so we may need to sort out an updated version. And if you haven't already read How to manage email / pop up site notifications it's a good idea to do so, to avoid joining the ranks of forum members who've plaintively wailed "Why am I suddenly getting bombarded with emails from Charlton Life?"
Retrospectives About Big Games and Major Events
Discussions of major events in the club's history are fairly common, particularly when big anniversaries come around, so there may be other threads that I've missed, but these should give you a flavour.
Leaving The Valley In The 1980s Annoyingly, the video of the full game embedded in this Last Game at The Valley 1985 v Stoke City thread is no longer available, but this thread links to the events of the day split into 2 parts.
Leeds Play Off Final (May 1987)
The Valley Clean-up (March 1989)
The 1st Charlton Sunderland Play-off Final (May 1998) Shirtliff after Leeds  Clean up day  At the 98 playoff

Memorable Games As They Happened
Yeovil in the rain (Nov 2009)
Promotion at Carlisle (Apr 2012) There's a video of the celebration on the pitch in this comment. Sadly most of the other photos in the Pitch Invasion pics thread seem to no longer be retrievable.
The Cardiff 5-4 match (Nov 2012)


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