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We are old enough now. We have all experienced the football highs and lows.

It's a cruel game. We can obviously clearly understand the basics of it's psychological impact.

This young 19 year old lad missed the penalty which lost us the final and he's going to be in a very serious amount of pain with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He did not deserve this. He had a great tournament.

I hope he can pick himself up and find a way back.

I'm still heartbroken and for us all round in general and just don't know what to say. Hasn't quite sunk in yet.

In this day and is hopefully probably na bit easier and quicker to get over.

I think we will all be fine and can mostly just reflect on the positives of this tournament.


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    Possibly the breakout player of the tournament. 

    Other than today had a fantastic tournament and made himself undroppable in a squad with Sancho, Grealish and Foden behind him. 

    Doesn't matter for some though, go on his social media now and there's a torrent of racial abuse for him to go home to. 

    Hope he deletes the app for the next month and his friends/family are around him giving him support. 
  • Brilliant player, penalty taking has nothing to do with it. 
  • Fantastic player put in a horrible position. I respect his confidence and think he will be quality for England. 

    Great baller.
  • I had a look at his twitter account and only saw supportive messages
  • I reckon this thread was created with baiting intention. 
  • Why was he put in that position? Where was Sterling? How many penalties has Saka taken in pro games? A senior player has to step up there.
    Only senior players left were Stones, Pickford, Sterling. One of them should have taken it. Very poor form they didn’t.
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  • aliwibble said:
    Not sure where you're getting that from @se9addick.
    I wasn’t born yesterday…we’ll see 
  • Breaks my heart seeing that kid in bits.

    He shouldn’t have taken it, it’s too much pressure at 19, great lad with a big future, very tough to take.

    Who are the penalty takers for these clubs?

    Does Calvert Lewis take them for Everton?
  • Phillips

    Am really surprised one of the above did not take the 5th personally.
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    Saka had a decent tournament and any stick he has received is unjustified. To be fair, so did Southgate. I believe he is too negative but that got us to a final. Had he been more positive, we may not have got there. Tournament football is like walking a tightrope. Ask France and Belgium. When the dust has settled, we may dwell on the fact we scored so early being the biggest contributor to our defeat. Lots of good teams didn't go as far as we did.
  • The reaction of a few low lifes explains why England take the knee.
    Yep the supposes fans sending racist abuse are probably the same ones that say there is no need to take the knee. 

    Hope they realise the joy they have brought us and ignore the neanderthals.
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  • Just finishing my night shift. Been up all night and had time to digest.

    To lose on penalties was just crap. Saka and all of the penalty takers were brave. To abuse bravery is just wrong. The abusers, if found (to have acted illegally), should have their faces posted up on social media to see how much they like receiving abuse.

    Until social media companies take action nothing will change. They don't really care about anything unless money is involved.
  • It is generally the nature of things that when a footballer (and a multi-millionaire one at that!) misses a penalty in a huge match of national importance, he gets stick for it...Messrs Waddle, Pearce, Southgate et al can certainly vouch for that.

    The rather modern idea that we cannot possibly direct any stick at a player because he is a) too young b) black c) had a great tournament ... seems a bit potty to me. 

    There is certainly a good argument that Sir Gareth ballsed up in subbing Henderson and Trippier and Walker (seasoned pros all having vast experience in the highest pressure games and consummate penalty takers) and bringing on Rashford and Sancho with 20 seconds of extra time to play and then expecting effectively a sixth former to score the decisive penalty in the biggest game this country has played in 55 years!! but it still doesn't get away from the fact that giving stick to a millionaire footballer for missing a penalty is not such a bad thing. Let us not forget how Pearce responded to HIS stick. He responded with impeccable professionalism by scoring in the next penalty shootout and his punch in the air was that defiant punch in the air we all do when we work really hard to redeem ourselves, right a wrong, and persevere to the next level. 

    I fear that if we outlaw giving millionaire footballers stick (after all, we don't outlaw stick given to the lads down the local park!) then we rob them of their greatest victory - the victory of self improvement of fighting to get things right and for self mastery. 

    Give them all some stick. It is just what they need if we are going to get to the next level in Qatar in November 2022 
  • I can only applaud Saka for having the bollocks to step up for the 5th penalty in a cup final. 

    The kid is 19, it was his breakout tournament people know who he is now.

    Is this "his" David Beckham/ Wayne Rooney moment where no doubt he will get pelters from all sides, but it will only spur the young man on
  • Still dunno of Southgate was telling the truth last night or whether he remembered the attention he got after '96 and wanted to shield his players for doing that. 

    If so its certainly worked as so far seen both the Daily Mail and BBC on twitter reporting about how Southgate picked the takers and nothing about those who missed. 
  • se9addick said:
    I reckon this thread was created with baiting intention. 

    That's a bit deep. It's not a news report. Mostly only Charlton fans see this.

    Gareth southgates 25 years of continuous letting the country down reminders... has probably been a rather isolating painful mental experience. 

    I really hope it hasn't been passed on to a 19 year old.

    He had a great tournament. Let's just hope that he receives the support he will need.

    Rashford and Sancho were brought on just to take the pens. It didn't work and had a unfortunate opposing effect. Such a shame.
  • Breaks my heart seeing that kid in bits.

    He shouldn’t have taken it, it’s too much pressure at 19, great lad with a big future, very tough to take.

    Who are the penalty takers for these clubs?

    Does Calvert Lewis take them for Everton?
    Nope, Sigurdsson does. The only way you want Calvert-Lewin near a penalty is if you can figure out how to let him take one with his head 
  • So much respect for the lad stepping up with that pressure. Great tournament although he was woeful last night even excluding the penalty. Hope he comes through it, won't comment much on the racist abuse because it's just obvious, both the fact some idiots were going to do it and the fact it's absolutely disgusting. 
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