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Hodgson calls it a day.

Announced he is stepping away.


  • What about nobby vinegar 
  • Mark Hughes would do.
  • cabbles said:
    I'm hoping Lampard replaces him.
    I’m hoping Pardew replaces him

    No thanks. Pardew's been relatively successful apart from at Charlton.
  • Allardyce
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  • Please give them Lampard. It's what they deserve. 
  • Get ready for loads more of this if his replacement doesn't go well

    "Be careful what you wish for"
    "Charlton fans weren't happy and look at them now"
  • One day we'll finish above them .
    I can't bring myself to look but I'm sure they're currently on their record run of finishing above us ffs
  • Let's hope whomever the manager is that comes in, they spend an absolute bucket load of cash on awful players and get them relegated.  That they then go bust, their owners walk,  they get deducted 10 points and are relegated again. 

    Then the administrators sell their ground and training ground for peanuts; they get relegated again, Southall buys them and asset strips anything else still there, they are relegated again then go out of business whilst having their entire history and records wiped from all records and that Selhurst becomes a municipal dump with Zaha working on the gate.
  • Is Dowie still around?
    Just spotted him in a cafeteria in Croydon 
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  • Is Dowie still around?
    Just spotted him in a cafeteria in Croydon 
    Was he curdling the milk?
  • I always liked him as a person, very truthful......he comes across as a gentleman and is very rarely controversial or backhanded.
    Will be surprised if we see him back in the Premier League again

    Isnt he the oldest Manager in the top flight at the moment
  • Lovely bloke is Hodgson.  And a lot taller than you'd expect.
  • Chris Wilder ? 
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