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Pre-season Friendlies



  • Is this an indication of where Vennings is in the pecking order or minutes over being on the bench? 
  • No idea but it might be down to his role. Watson’s back up for Dobson, Gomes currently cover for Morgan and Dempsey for Clare? Probably more physical than Vennings?
  • Lost 4 - 2
  • might it be away as our pitch is having some work?
    Well, if you let @TCE exercise his dogs on the pitch what do expect ?
  • Adam Adam?
    Adam Adamant for older fans.

    No idea who it's meant to be.

    @Scoham or anyone, any names we've not seen before?
    Stewart Goddard Henry.
  • edited August 1
    Eight minutes of Maidstone highlights.

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