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  • Same old bollox. How the fack would he know what Charlton fans wanted. Wonder if he still believes in the easter bunny and father xmas. He ought to retire like they did..
  • Spoke to a Palace fan this morning, who wants him out the door, 1 year left on his contract (4 million a year!) and lots of players contracts up in the Summer, thinks the football they are playing is turgid, and they need fresh impetus, and a rebuild, Eddie Howe incoming?

    Lose tonight v Brighton , and against Fulham and Roys on shaky ground with the fans.
  • A better comparison might be with Brighton

    Under Hughton they just about managed to stay up every season, but played conservative football. Brighton then replaced him with a younger, more "progressive" manager in Potter, with the result that they play slightly more attractive football, but are in a similar league position, still fighting to avoid relegation.
  • All I have to add for tonight is "Come on You Seagulls" .

    Sadly, I think there are too many sides in the Prem working hard to be worse than the One Man Team of Diving Specialists. Baggies and Blades adrift, only one relegation spot up for grabs and sad to say the Nigels are better than Fulham, Newcastle and probably Brighton. 
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  • They'll go down once Zaha finally leaves 
  • edited February 2021
    Can’t stand Hodgson. That showing at Euro 2016 was pathetic and he doesn’t accept his personal failure for not knowing his best team.

    Two big wins needed for Brighton and Fulham to make this interesting. Need Newcastle to sort it out and sort being so terrible. Can’t see past Newcastle going down. 

    The good thing is that they are definitely getting worst and now just making the numbers up in the top-flight. Absolutely certain they will finish below the likes of Burnley and Brighton. Only disappointment is that there won’t be any Nigels on TV crying this year if they do go down.
  • The most important thing I took out of that article is that Hodgson will be celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary this year.

    A convocation of eagles 🦅 fly-by would seem appropriate. Or a routine at the anniversary bash by the Crystal Meths cheerleaders, or whatever they’re known as these days.
  • Given it's their big "derby" tonight and they pretend to ignore Charlton, it's strange and unsurprising they would bring us up

  • All I have to say is....their stadium.
    Fulham have definitely done the right thing in their stadium development...dunno how much it's cost them, but for Crystal Palace in the medium to long term, all the time they play in that appalling dump they will never be serious contenders for anything.

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  • He’s not wrong though is he...
    The majority of Charlton fans either on here appear to state they did not want Curbs to go, so yes he is wrong if you're saying we wanted him gone?

  • Dazzler21 said:
    He’s not wrong though is he...
    The majority of Charlton fans either on here appear to state they did not want Curbs to go, so yes he is wrong if you're saying we wanted him gone?

    I was referring to him implying that CP may nosedive if he leaves, and that fans don’t necessarily know what’s best, also we shouldn’t assume someone is referring to the ‘majority’ when citing it as an example 
  • seth plum said:
    OK Scott Minto, even though Curbs is on record already (VOTV interview?) saying it was not pressure from fans, ask him directly tomorrow evening.
    Then send a recording of his answer to every media outlet, and particularly Roy Hodgson, and tell him to stick the recording up his arse.
    No one really gives a flying fuck about us in all honesty,  apart from us , unfortunately, third tier chuff
  • And if you want another good laugh

    Apparently, their feared Ultras (well in their dreams) think Palace lack pride, ambition and vision. No argument from me there.  
  • the same people calling for bowyer's head are the same that wanted rid of curbs.

    Which should tell you all you need to know.

    I'm sorry? With curbishley we reached a ceiling of where we could be and the club could go no further. Comfortable premier league club. Under bowyer we are heading towards mid table league 1!!!!. Are we supposed to accept that?
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