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RIP Alan Minter

The former world champion boxer has died, aged 69. Remember him well from my younger days. RIP Alan. 


  • RIP Alan, great fighter
  • Gutted to read that - RIP Alan
  • RIP great boxer.
  • RIP Boom Boom
  • RIP Alan great boxer,great fella,was mates with him when he had queen Adelaide in penge,so sad to hear this
  • Saw Minter defend his title against Antuofermo in 1980 and then his next defence later that year - the infamous fight against Hagler. Me and my mate were up in the Gods at Wembley and witnessed the scenes from a distance - full bottles of beer were spinning through the air like catherine wheels as they were hurled towards the ring. The most violent crowd scenes I've ever witnessed at a sporting event.

    Good fighter.

    RIP Alan 
  • Will never forget his battle with Marvin Hagler. A real fighter. RIP
  • RIP Alan
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  • RIP met him once a very nice guy RIP 
  • More sad news RIP
  • What a boxer, remember watching him on the telly as a kid, along with my dad.
  • Very sad news, achieved an incredible amount especially as a British fighter and fought the best 

    Rest in peace 
  • RIP Alan Minter
  • Sad news.

    I remember vividly watching him progress through the 1972 Olympics in Munich and followed his professional career with interest thereafter.

    Others have made reference already to his fight with Marvin Hagler, one of the greats. Alan Boom Boom was on the next rung down which is a compliment.

  • 69 that’s no age is it. RIP 
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  • I was lucky enough to spend an evening with him at a charity boxing event and he was cracking company. 69 is far too young.

    RIP Boom Boom
  • Tenacious and brave. Great fighter.

    RIP Alan Boom Boom
  • Very brave boxer. Was prone to cuts from what I remember but gave it all. RIP Alan
  • ct_addick said:
    Very brave boxer. Was prone to cuts from what I remember but gave it all. RIP Alan
    same problem as 'our Enery Cooper' .. Minter was a brave boxer .. R I P
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    not sure if memory playing tricks but seemed to be a staple of Midweek Sports Special and Sportsnight in the late 70's early 80's - the tune of both really evocative.

  • Yes his achilles heel was the Hagler fight he was cut after about a minute under one eye and by the end of the second round above each eye.
    Fought on bravely but unsurprisingly his sight was very much affected and Hagler unfortunately won at a canter, stopping him in the third.😩😩😩

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