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Soccer Aid 2020

the rescheduled game is tomorrow 

Coverage starts on ITV at 6.30 but I would expect the game to start closer to 7.30 although I may be wrong so don't quote me on that lol.

A few English born players in the rest of the world team, I guess that couldn't get enough over due to the Covid travel issues


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    England managed by Wayne Rooney, Sam Allardyce and Bradley Walsh


    Olly Murs

    Joe Wicks

    Joel Dommett

    Marvin Humes

    Danny Jones

    Mark Wright

    Liv Cooke

    Lee Mack

    Tom Davis

    James Bay

    John Bishop

    Alfie Allen

    Yung Filly


    Paddy McGuinness


    David James

    Wes Brown

    Ashley Cole

    Katie Chapman

    Joe Cole

    Gareth Barry

    Kelly Smith

    Andy Cole

    Michael Owen

    Emile Heskey

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    Rest of the World managed by Harry Redknapp, Bryan Robson and Vic Bettinelli


    Kem Cetinay

    Jason Manford

    Santan Dave

    Chelcee Grimes

    Iain Stirling

    Billy Wingrove

    Jeremy Lynch

    Dermot Kennedy

    Roman Kemp

    Ore Oduba

    DJ Locksmith

    Mo Gilligan

    Serge Pizzorno


    Shay Given

    Patrice Evra

    Mikael Silvestre

    Darren Fletcher

    Claude Makélélé

    Michael Essien

    Robbie Keane

    Lianne Sanderson

    Julie Fleeting  
  • Yaya Toure was due to be playing for Rest of the World but was a very naughty boy and has been kicked out
  • lol legend 
  • Grandparent rule Paulie...
  • MrOneLung said:
    Grandparent rule Paulie...
    I get that obviously lol just makes me laugh that two thirds of the celebrities in the rest of the world team are actually born in England lol, as I said obviously alot to do with Covid restrictions I mean look back at say 2016 for example Rest of the World had 5 Irishmen, 2 Scotsmen, 2 Americans
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    GK-David James

    RB-John Bishop
    CB-Wes Brown
    CB-John Terry 
    LB-Mark Wright 

    DCM-Gareth Barry
    CM-Katie Chapman
    CM-Kelly Smith
    CAM-Olly Murs

    ATT-Danny Jones
    ATT-Tom Davies

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    Not sure on the world elevens positions as there has been no video announcing it like outs but this is there starting lineup

    Edited now I have seen formation in ITV

    GK-Shay Given 

    RB-Mo Gilligan 
    CB-DJ Locksmith 
    CB-Mikael Silvestre 
    LB-Patrice Evra 

    CM-Michael Essien
    CM-Dermot Kennedy 
    CM-Chelcee Grimes

    ATT-Lianne Sanderson 
    ATT-Serge Pizzorno 
    ATT-Jeremy Lynch 
  • Are you running a match thread @paulie8290?
  • Off_it said:
    Are you running a match thread @paulie8290?
    I mean it wont be an official match thread lol.

    But if people want me to put updates on here when the game is on i am happy to lol
  • it will just be what i see tho, i wont be looking for twitter updates to post  if i see a chance i will post it
  • MrOneLung said:
    Derby paying Rooney £2m for his managerial duties here ! 
    I’m surprised they haven’t bought Old Trafford for him.
  • I absolutely hate games like this. Unfortunately I’m outvoted in my house 
  • Really cringe so far, murs is awful
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    They just did a stupid gag thing with Olly Murs calling people trying to get them to play for England and one of the people he called was Dolly Parton and she kept calling him Holly instead of Olly because she clearly had no idea who he was🤣🤣
  • Really cringe so far, murs is awful
    The build up always is 
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  • I edited the world 11 team to show the 4-3-3 formation 
  • Off_it said:
    Are you running a match thread @paulie8290?
    I mean it wont be an official match thread lol.

    But if people want me to put updates on here when the game is on i am happy to lol
    I genuinely don't think many people will be interested mate, and those that are will be watching it anyway.

    But go ahead if you want to. Will be good practice for doing the "official" match threads one day maybe.
  • £2,200,974 raised so far
  • Mark Wright has been training 121 with a professional coach and also last 2 weeks with Leyton O's. Does this really mean that much to him? #Winner #Lad #AlwaysWin #Essex
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    Clive Tyldesley the man 'sacked' by ITV a few months ago is commentator today on ITV

    I mean it may be a one of charity game but still, he clearly wasnt sacked

    Sorry it was only sacked as lead commentator, but still find it interesting he is lead commentator tonight
  • Anyone else notice the ITV cameras pan straight to John Terry whilst the playerd took the knee lol
  • Why on earth anyone would watch this i don't know, let alone make a match thread ffs!
  • I've got nothing else to do but wait to wfh tomorrow and read the Charlton shenanigans thread. 
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    Tom Davies about to be replaced by a youtuber called Chunkz 

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