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US Open Tennis 2020



  • Thank you. 
    For what it's worth, there is no way that was intentional, but, rules are rules, so, I understand why he was disqualified. 
    Seems harsh, but maybe Karma......?
  • I don't think anyone thinks it was intentional, listening to Tim Henman now he said it wasnt intentional but there is no way around it as soon as it happened to only outcome was a disqualification based on the rules 
  • I hadn't realised it was a direct hit, rather than a ricochet. Not hit hard, but no option other than to throw him out
  • She did go down in about 5 stages. 
  • I have to to say she did squeal like a footballer
  • Obviously didn't mean to hit her and 99 times out of a 100 he probably wouldn't have hit her but rules are rules. If he gets away with it because it was a mistake or an accident or whatever then it sets a bad precedent.

    Saying that he's been playing tennis long enough to know roughly where the judges are positioned, so how he ended turning around to pelt the ball against that wall is anyone's guess, moron.
  • This looks a bit soft but the rules are clear.
    I remember Nalbandian getting disqualified for kicking a line judge, now that's a proper disqualification. 
  • This one.

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  • Seriously any half decent sportsperson catches that flick from Djokovic ...and lobs it back at him at twice the pace 

  • Should have been a cushioned header to the ballboy.
  • iaitch said:
    This one.

    now that is a defo straight red
  • se9addick said:
    Djokovic has really gone down in my estimations in recent times.
    If you watch it back you'll find he merely knocked a ball towards to back of the court like players do 100 times a match. It wasn't in anger & it wasn't hard. Very unlucky to hit a line judge & imo it shouldnt have hurt that much. I'm not an apologist or a fan of his - just having seen it on the news I think it very harsh. 
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    iaitch said:
    This one.

    now that is a defo straight red
    Far worse than the Beckham one against Argentina!
  • Yeh lets all talk about you, Kyrgios.  Knob.
  • edited September 8
    The Bryan Brothers announced their retirement with immediate effect 
  • Semi Finals

    Carreno Busta v Zverev

    Carreno Busta has 1 previous Grand Slam Semi to his name when he lost to Anderson is the US Open in 2017

    Zverev also has 1 previous Grand Slam Semi to his name when he lost to Thiem in the Australian Open in 2020

    So this time one of those will win a grand slam semi and book their first ever Grand Slam Final spot.

    Medvedev v Thiem

    Medvedev was runner up in the US Open in 2019

    Thiem has 3 Grand Slam Finals to his name all defeats, French Open in 2018 and 2019 and Australian Open 2020, this is his first US Open Semi Final 
  • Medvedev and Thiem feels like it should be the final, but then it might be that they have a tough semi and the winner in the other has an advantage.

    I think Thiem will win it though.
  • Victoria Azarenka is into her first Grand Slam Final since 2013

    She will meet Osaka in the final 
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  • Zverev v Carreno Busta into a decider - definitely think the winner of the other semi will win the whole thing.
  • What a comeback from 2-0 down from Zverev 
  • Thiem beats Medvedev in straight sets.
  • Second semi was so much better quality than the first.
  • Naomi Osaka wins the Womens Singles 2-1

  • Well done, this time she will get all the publicity unlike the last time she won it when Williams threw her toys out the pram.
  • Theim has looked so nervous.
  • A tiebreaker to settle a GrandSlam

    Both players had a chance to serve out the match in the final set and both players were broken straight back
  • I know he is still only 23 but I just dont see Zverev winning a Slam now

    2-0 up and a break up

    Then 5-3 up in the 5th and serving for the match

    Both times he messed it up, this was his big chance and he didn't have it in him
  • Zverev will definitely win one, only 23, this experience will help not hinder him I think, and he's quality, not like someone who had a lucky run in etc.

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