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2020/21 FA Cup Thread



  • No reason not to win and get into the 3rd round draw.
    Yes and we could even get in the 2nd round draw as well.
  • Will have to wait a whole 7 weeks before we get to play them again after that
  • Would've preferred Boreham Wood so we could've tapped up Sorba Thomas  :D
  • What a shit draw
  • Not sure what's worse. The draw or the presenter. 
  • I know there are those who love the FA Cup and I still do, but... If I was the Charlton owner I'd be straight on the blower to Ipswich suggesting we both lose our cup games so we can play our League fixture on the date of the 2nd Round and so avoid fixture congestion at Christmas
  • On another note it'll be a good test for Dempsey and Davison coming up against Gillingham
  • IanJRO said:
    Not sure what's worse. The draw or the presenter. 
    I was half expecting a different response when Ball "69" got mentioned...
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  • With no fans allowed, this seasons FA Cup is a complete dud. 
    Agreed. Football league clubs won’t care. Huge shame for loads of non league clubs as was some excellent draws for them. Biggest game in the club’s history and the community and they can’t celebrate it with them. 
  • Will the feel good feeling bleed into the FA cup
    this year... could we really reach the 4th round
    What a feeling ;)
  • Without gate receipts non league teams getting drawn against a league team isn’t anywhere near as lucrative as usual.
    No doubt most non league teams would prefer a game against a similar/lower level opponent with the hope of progressing for the bigger prize money.
    Vastly different to previous years
  • edited October 2020
    Boring but winnable match, and Lee will be very happy to avoid what would have been a long and tiring drive if we had been drawn away

    With our squad depth, we should be able to stick out a decent side, and the midweek game after it is only the EFL Trophy anyway
  • Plymouth at home may be boring but i'd rather boring than have to sit through another potential Northwich Victoria type upset on TV on the Sunday lunchtime slot especially when we can't go to games anyway.
  • Normally want us to take the fa cup seriously, thought the team we place against Doncaster was a disgrace... but no fans in this year means i don’t care
  • Crap Fixture but even worse for them having to travel, hopefully our bigger squad this season will see us through to the next round.
  • A bit meh. We always seem to draw teams in the same league as us. At least we wont be made to move it to Sunday for "live update" purposes. Just means another £10 to be forked out if I want to watch it on iplayer......
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  • Should hopefully come at the right time for the perfect opportunity to get some minutes into whichever players will be returning from injury by that poin
  • No reason we shouldn't put out a strong side. After idea we effectively have a 2 week break. other than EFL trophy as our game on 14th v Rochdale likely to be called off because of internationals.
  • edited October 2020
    The FA cup means so much to clubs from Step 1 ( National League ) down to step 4 where the money earned in the FA cup keeps then going.
    Seeing two guys who are on the committee at Cray paper Mills going ape when they scored each one of their 3 goal against National League Maidenhead was great to see on the highlights. Coming back from 2 down was amazing against a team 3 levels higher.

    Watching Bishop Stortford against St Albans on box tonight but having watched Six FA cup matches live with crowds this season. I agree, No crowds from Round 1 is so depressing after watching German and French Football with a limited crowd over the weekend.  
  • Jeez she is useless
    She wasn’t that good .

    that was painful 

    Still she’s easy on the eye so as you were 
  • I get it's a shit draw but at least it's at home and to be honest it's all pretty meaningless anyway without fans allowed in.

    I mean what are we looking forward to? Getting through 2 rounds and potentially watching a premier league team beat us on tv? You just know that this'll be the year we go on a little run and get a decent draw. We've already missed out on West ham away.
  • Charlton 6 Plymouth 4 - one of a few tennis scores we have had - not forgetting Plymouth 6 Charlton 4, of course.
  • clb74 said:
    Never get a good draw anyway.
    I remember running round the living room when we got Mansfield away.
    That was short lived, moved to a 12pm sunday kick basically no trains and to top it alll off had elfsborg no stop yapping for 3 1/2 hours in the car on the way back.
    That sounds like a nightmare .
  • I’m not sure what a good draw in Round 1 would be. Are there any good draws?

    Non-League opposition at home: Banana skin
    Non-League away: Bigger banana skin
    League 2 home or away: Play the kids and it might be the end of the road to Wembley
    League 1 home: Meh
    League 1 away: Meh but means the team has to travel 
    Liverpool: Still two rounds away and odds of 63-1 that we get drawn against them if we get that far
  • Also with no fans, is the lure of a 'big' tie against a premier league team even worth it? Naturally for non league sides, it's worth it and the prize money is decent for them (especially a side like Cray Valley) but for us:

    First Round winners: £22,629

    Second Round winners: £34,000

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