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Keep getting signed out

Does anyone else keep getting signed out.

Everytime I lock my phone, or close the browser then reopen CharltonLife I have been logged out again

Its only been the last few hours this has been happening but its bloody annoying


  • Yep, been happening to me too.
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    But you are not getting the message :) I have had to sign in twice today which is unusual.
  • It's not been the same since Ibborg got the bullet 
  • cabbles said:
    It’s because you’ve started too many threads in your time here.  Vanilla has a maximum limit of 1000 per user 
    I should he alright then I am only on 687 🤣🤣
  • No problems up in the North West Paulie mind you I still can't get the full site version on iPhone which Lookie said he was fixing. No offence mate but you need to get in the queue 😉.
  • Yes.. happening a lot. 
  • Yeah also several times a day. Fortunately only using on iPhone so getting back in fairly easy without having to remember any details. 
  • Same here 
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  • Yes been happening over the last few days.
  • same here,on my phone but not my desktop

  • yep 3 times in last 24 hours.
  • HexHex
    edited May 2020
    Same here on phone and PC although I posted and edited this post without being signed in.
  • Yup, same 
  • Just happened to me on Windows laptop and earlier on Android phone
  • Same here....
  • Me too 
  • And me on phone and laptop and it is VERY BLOODY ANNOYING!  
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  • And me!

  • Me too. I blame the EFL closing Charlton Life for the season early
  • Curb_It said:
    And me on phone and laptop and it is VERY BLOODY ANNOYING!  
    Same, but for me only slightly irritating for a couple of seconds.
  • No, it’s f***ing annoying 
  • No, it’s f***ing annoying 
    Never mind that boss, what about the full site on mobile? And as for upsetting @Curb_It I expect further delays as you're going into hiding now. It never just rains does it 😉.
  • As the guy two rows behind shouts out on a regular basis “SOWT IT AAAHHHRRRRTT!!”
  • I can't sign in and view all posts, I can only sign in by hitting the back button on the browser. I normally log in via Facebook but no longer have that as an option.
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    And no sooner had I refreshed this page and clicked on full site at the bottom, it APPEARED, Eureka! @i_b_b_o_r_g must be back in the building. Now about this 'being signed out' issue 😉.
  • If this doesn't get sorted soon , I'll be forced to stop paying my monthly subscription fee 
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