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Happy Birthday HantsAddick! - videos from Taylor,Bauer(p6), Bowyer,Teixeira(p7), Pearce(p8), JJ(p9)

With the Addicks universe still reverberating from the remarkable events of the Charlton Spring ten days ago, here's something rather different to think about.

One of our number, our special tribe, a staunch Lifer and supporter of the Museum and the Upbeats, a veteran of the Unity March and on Saturday week an Addick for exactly 50 years, is seriously ill with throat cancer. Her name is Jean King, but you know her on here as @HantsAddick. How about using this thread to send her some good wishes? Then, next Tuesday 24th it's her birthday so plenty of nice messages then would be just the job. Over to you ....



  • I don’t personally know Jean, but sending her love and best wishes x
  • Best of luck Jean, I hope that everything is as good as it can be. My thoughts are with you. 
  • So sorry to hear about Jean. Here's hoping for a successful and speedy recovery 
  • @HantsAddick, wishing the best as you take on the fight. Our thoughts are with you.
  • All the best Jean 
  • I'm sorry to hear you are not well. I wish you all the best Jean @HantsAddick
  • Good luck and all the best Jean.

    Take care.
  • So sorry to hear this news, all the best Jean and stay strong xx
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  • Wishing you healing and joyful moments Jean, have a lovely birthday.
  • Sorry to learn of this, all the best Hants.
  • Jean best wishes.
    Rooting for you.
  • Sorry to hear you're ill @HantsAddick. Hope whatever treatment regime you're on isn't giving you too much of a kicking and that it'll prove effective reasonably quickly.
  • Are you based in Hampshire, @HantsAddick? I'm Winchester/Romsey way - if there's anything I can do to help in these uncertain times please do let me know
    Jean used to live in Hook near Basingstoke but for the past few years has been back in SE7. Thanks, though, for the very kind thought.
  • Sending you good wishes @HantsAddick and I hope you feel well enough to celebrate your birthday next week 
  • Sorry to read this Jean.  Best wishes and my thoughts are with you
  • Very, very best wishes, Jean. And many happy returns for Tuesday. 
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  • All the best Jean.
  • All the best Jean - Get well soon!!
  • All the best Jean. Despite all the drama at the club be comforted that there are a whole lot of people, like you, that care deeply about it. Happy Birthday in advance.
  • Best wishes to you Jean.
  • All the very best wishes to you, Jean, take care of yourself and Happy Birthday in advance!
  • Sorry to hear that, very best wishes to you Jean. 
  • All the best Jean from me and Jnr.
    if there’s anything you need in these troubling times Alans got my number.
  • All the best Jean
  • All the best Jean, you have always shown me, my son or our great football club kindness, loyalty and dignity. 
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Roland Out!