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Reflections on the Duchatelet Era

I mean...we're a few places higher up the table than the day he joined, he must have done something right ;)


  • He replaced the faded seats . 
  • Life's a pitch, with under soil heating.
  • Vampires have no reflection
  • Started off bad and then went down hill from there really 
  • Out of her depth disaster of a woman
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  • Leuth said:
    I've just checked btw - we were 19th when Roland took over, and are 17th now. All that piss and vinegar for two places up the table ;)
    Thanks for improving our ranking, all the events that led to us finding Curbs 2.0 and hopefully selling to our greatest ever owners.

    Champions League here we come.
  • 3blokes said:
    He took forever to fuck off.
    Nope dont worry I'm staying
  • edited November 2019
    Achieved nothing.

    Got very lucky with his final managerial appointmnet default selection.

    At least, however, the club was never in danger of going under and that fact alone means there are worse owners still operating in the EFL.
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  • I’m a bit disappointed that we have not had an incoherent rant from the senile fucker as yet unless of course he can no longer demand it go on the website.
  • He dead to me - has been for about 5 years now.
  • NEVER EVER thought I could hate Brussels more...

    Then Capatan Shitweasel rolled into town and ripped the gizzards out of my ONLY desire!
  • By pure luck he ended up with Bowyer who became a miracle worker. The best time period was when he let the footballing people get on with managing the club and he didn’t get involved.  
  • One weird thing that sticks out for me was that Simon Jordan stuck up for us.
  • That's like staring into a steaming pile of shit and looking for positivity. Just scoop it up, put it in the bin and move on. 
  • Reflections? 

    Never ever wsnt want to go through a shit storm like that again. 
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Roland Out!