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Millwall v Charlton | Sat 9 Nov | 3pm KO | Post-match Thread

Well, predictable. I’m sure reason won’t win out in the face of the raw emotion of it all, but on another day we would have taken that by a couple of goals. I think it was an even game, except a freak save from their keeper in the first half (a cracking save for each keeper on top of that). We lost this on two set-pieces.

Over to you.


  • Burn them all
  • At least I'm halfway across the world and can switch from this sh*te. Feel for all the fans that were there.
  • We’ve been found out, Bow needs to change it up a bit. The lineup was negative from the off. Bringing lapslie on etc etc. 
  • One word...

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    Did we expect anything less? No. But we did expect Sarr to do his fucking job....or did we?

    cant even be bothered to get pissed off with losing to them anymore. Few beers and forget about Charlton Athletic for the rest of the day. 
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  • was disappointed I had to miss the game, always go to see it .... bloody happy I'm not there now
  • Same old same old
    Weren’t brave enough
  • Rossman92 said:
    Sarr is one of my favorite players, but he's a massive lump of a man, absolutely weak on that last goal, dogshite from him today. F this day
    Shit for the first goal as well,. 

    At least he can ping a cross field ball 70yds every 3 games. 
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    Sat back for the draw, brought that on ourselves. Useless the fucking lot of them, hope Sarr doesn't play again all season.
  • was sarr playing for the foul, ducking to let it go out or got his studs stuck?
    Cullen was immense. Maybe wrong to bring kayal on at that point.
  • The wait goes on. 
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  • It’s the hope that gets you. Fucking hell.
  • Thanks again Roland you deluded tight fisted old tosser.

    Just fuck off before we're back in League 1 again.

  • Not even disappointed,was sat here expecting a millwall winner. Its the Charlton way. Laughable. Need some of our injured players back asap,starting to slide a bit now.
  • Fucking useless
  • Who who was it who did the shit pass that went straight out and then they scored from the next attack. That done us.
  • Not sure what Bows could've done to change it. Maybe bringing on Oztumer for Leko instead of Lapslie? I don't know - hindsight is always 20/20.
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