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Charlton are lucky to have an owner like Duchatelet

Other clubs aren’t as lucky and Bury is one of them, it is sad, for the fans: it’s their life. Fans go to work every day to earn their money to go and watch them on Saturday and support their team. We’ve got an owner, love him or hate him, he pays the bills every week. He pays the players, he pays the staff, all the other bills that come in.

He backed us in the summer, we’ve got a healthy squad, so for me he’s doing what an owner should do. I don’t know what more the fans want, he’s done and doing the right thing.

Maybe we’d like our budget to be bigger, but it is what it is. The man’s trying to sell a football club, I respect what he’s given us as we know the situation.

He’s done everything an owner should be doing. 



  • This year, sure thing, what the previous 4?
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    Assuming those quotes are accurate, Bowyer's just gone down massively in my estimation.  He can quietly accept what a tool TwoShits has been without being an apologist for him.
  • Nicely played Bow.
  • Bowyer just buttering him up for an easier life. RD has a fragile ego as we know and we don't know what question the journalist asked. Of course it was something about Bury and of course we're all grateful not to be in their shoes this week. None of it makes RD our best fit, or even a good owner.
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    to be honest fuck roland we have a good thing going at the moment all the time lee is manager he will have my full support. 

    roland apparently has the club up for sale - he hung on to taylor and bowyer - im in the minority but i feared the worst and our transfer window went a lot better than expected. 

    could it be better of course decent contracts for our decent players  BUT if we are up for sale then i will accept us being taking over and then the contracts being sorted. 
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  • I hope this is some big boy brain four-dimensional underwater chess strategy from Bowyer to gain some purchasing power or similar, because otherwise he shouldn't have said anything at all.
  • Bowyer and Gallen have done fantastically well despite the break-even budget that has been set by RD. This is the first time that RD has pretty much left the management alone to get on with running the football side, and that's only because he has just 2% of his time allocated to CAFC and I can't believe he is bothered anymore (he just wants rid).  It is inconceivable that us fans can forget what a poor owner RD has been; it might be OK today, with us winning, but what if we lose every game between now and the end of October (which could happen)? Will he meddle then?  Change the manager once more? Push his boy-child Dreisen's talent onto the new coach? It may be looking rosier than it has done, and is (agreed) a much better situation than Bolton or Bury have been in, but let us not forget the damage that RD's ownership has done.  The list of errors, mistakes, lies, and mis-trust is long - I do not intend to repeat it here.

  • I’m surprised that hasn’t been plastered on the front page of the website yet ...
  • What more could he do?

    Employ qualified people in all the major backroom positions.

    Pay the going rate for under contract players so that:
    1, They might consider staying at the club?
    2, if they do leave, we receive the maximum transfer value. (And he gets his investment back (and some).

    3, Stop posting erratic posts to the club website (with snide remarks towards fans / former employees).

    4, Stop employing PR gurus.

    Plenty more I'm sure.

  • He's right in the sense that Roland is paying the players etc.

    But isnt he also saddling the club with his own debt so we could be left in a similar fuck up to the one Stewart Day left Bury in?

    But yeah; Bowyer is doing nothing more than keeping the twat happy, he's not stupid!!
  • That link is fake.

    It’s what @Chizz thinks and he’s trying to trick us into thinking LB said it despite the fact that LB is currently on a well earned trout fishing break in Huddersfield.
  • Macronate said:
    That link is fake.

    It’s what @Chizz thinks and he’s trying to trick us into thinking LB said it despite the fact that LB is currently on a well earned trout fishing break in Huddersfield.
    Probably going to get whooshed but its a link to the News Shopper
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  • Finally, somebody saying it how it is. Roland derangement syndrome. 
  • I think Bowyer is being tactically astute, well played to him.
  • up management 
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    Well I'm convinced. Roland...... 

  • Of Course Lee Bowyer needs to say those thing. Guess what ? Lee wants to be here for the season and hopes Duchatelet backs him again. Yes we know he didn't in the last January window and it was a miracle how we got promoted with one fit striker.

    To expect Bowyer to say anything else is naïve. Glad to know you were all big and strong and told your bosses what you thought of them. Or maybe you are self employed. You still can't speak your mind to regular clients unless you have many others to take their place.

    Bowyer is playing good cop compared to the fans but he wouldn't still be here if he had played it any other way. He definitely wouldn't have got a call from the Douchebag at the 12th hour giving him a better contract, Ot  just past 10pm to be precise.

    I want a new owner as much as ever, but if Lee and Steve butter him up in the interim then he can be Roland or Mr Duchatelet to them, yet still the Shitweasel and Helmit to the fans.

    Don't expect players and coaches staff to see the situation the same as fans.
    I thought that was obvious ?

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    Every owner should churn through 9 managers in, what, four years.
    Aren't we lucky?
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    Davo55 said:
    Duchatelet is a prick.

    I love what Bowyer is doing on the pitch but he should keep his fucking gob shut about what fans should think of the owner.
    This exactly. He doesn’t need to say anything about the owner. 

    As I’d said on another thread.....if KR would have said this he would have been crucified on here. 
  • Well said Bows, I agree whole heartedly and may i add he has not put a foot wrong?
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