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Charlton v Forest Green | Carabao Cup 19/20 R1 | 13/08/19 | Post-Match Thread

Classic Carabao Cup.

Over to you.


  • Can't believe we lost that 4 2 on penalties...
  • Premature emasculation. 
  • Going out, thank god. 
  • Lol 5-4. We are rubbish in cups. Roll on Saturday. 

  • Useless
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  • At least we won’t have to face any other barely even real clubs I guess. 
  • Going out, thank god. 
    Why? Good opportunities for players to get a game.
  • Back down to earth with a bang
  • We learned that those hoping to impress and get in the team will have to try harder and wait longer. That Amos can't save pens unlike Phillips and that JFC won't be taking any Charlton pens in future.
  • Millwall now 2-1 up at WBA
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  • Wow, didn’t even get to two pages.
  • Forfeit next year. Absolute waste of time.
  • CharltonForest Grn
    13Total Shots5
    3On Target1
    5Off Target2
  • On the one hand, who cares? On the other it sounds like a few players didn't take their chances to impress tonight which is disappointing. Sounds like we really need to get a RB in as well. Ah well
  • Liked the look of their rush goalie. And Junior (ours).
  • Meh, standard
  • edited August 2019
    To be fair, fans that went knew there would be a lot of changes. Nobody would be too surprised it was eleven. The expectation was that some players would show what we have waiting in the wings. For those that went, did anybody? I am guessing Sarr did ok. Anybody else?
  • You’ve got to laugh, otherwise you’ll cry! I bet Forest Green get Palace away in the next round....
  • We won the big one at home to Doncaster, what a night that was 
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