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Does anyone remember Lee Boxall disappearing on route to a Charlton game in 1988 ?

Missing or Murdered ? The Disappearance of Lee Boxell Wednesday 8th May 10pm C5

I remember it well. The programme is on C5, so I'm not expecting it to be great, but thought I'd mention it.


  • Yes, remember this clearly.

    Lots of posters around Selhurst and appeals in the programmes etc.
  • Sounds like a real sinister edge to this story. There are some real evil bastards out there.
  • A mate of mine went out with a family member a few years back. The family have been told what the police think happened but there wasn’t any proof. 

    The not knowing must be the hardest part. 
  • I thought this was covered in a t.v. programme  a few years back with regard the Yew tree investigations. Thinking was he might have been lured to a derelict house......

    We shall see what C5 say. 
  • Lee's Dad was in a choir made up of people with missing family members on Britain's Got Talent.
  • I only caught the end of this but when his dad sang it choked the crap out of me 

    So it looks like Lee never went to the Charlton game.
    Most likely murdered by paedophiles at "the shed" in Cheam.
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    Looks like the original detective team really cocked it up. Went with the notion that he went to Selhurst & that was it. Surely if they had spoken to the 2 young lads who saw him in Sutton at 2.20pm then they might have had a chance. 
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