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Banned after Accrington

was told yesterday a number of the fans who celebrated the penalty against Accrington by going on the pitch have been banned. What the fuck just as Bowyer is establishing a relationship with the fans the club fucks it up,there was no malice just jubilation,shame on you CAFC


  • Is the club tied into taking this action given it is against the law to enter the pitch? 
  • Don’t the club have a duty to announce stuff like this? 
  • MrOneLung said:
    Is the club tied into taking this action given it is against the law to enter the pitch? 
    I would say this.

    There are pics everywhere and it would have been in refs report.

    Nothing the club could do im affraid, fans know not to go on the pitch as its against the law and if you are stupid enough to do it then you will be punished.

    I enjoyed the goal and managed to celebrate in my stand.
    You don't actually know that though. You may be right mate, but you can't state it as a fact.

    For example, it being against the law means it might be a police matter rather than a club matter. The flip side of that is that when the club were asking for the police's help with regards to the protests, they said "they aren't breaking the law".

  • Bloody ridiculous. 
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    Oh deary me....

    From what I was told in the Fans' Bar in Fleetwood, one of those nawty boys was the Global Moderator of the other another forum. 

    If that is the case then it serves him right. Hopefully their Universal Moderator will call him in and give him a final warning for not moderating his behaviour.
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    One of the Chaps at the bottom of the North Lower really des get the atmosphere going, such a shame
  • He kicked a Charlton player in the family jewels. Automatic red. 
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    They were a bunch idiots. I don’t expect for one minute the bans are for life or even beyond next season.  The club have to be seen to do something otherwise they get into trouble. It’s simple really . Don’t be an idiot. 

  • How many were actually “on” the pitch , I can see a few stewards on there but it’s the players who left the pitch and the fans joined them just off the pitch for some spontaneous celebrations.
    what about everyone who had a ruck in the tunnel are they banned , is that allowed ? 

    i mean every club in the league has a bit of personality with a mental loop when it comes to last minute goals .
    i think the law stipulates that we have to be the dullest fans in the league so this was deemed appropriate action to nip any sort of excitement in the bud .

    im surprised there hasn’t been more moaning about the red smoke thingy in the upper tier from Saturday and the disgraceful blue one Southend let off after scoring .
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  • Did they all get bans?

  • For actions like that fans are usually given bans but for a period of time not lifetime bans.  Maybe they are banned for a month or until end of season?
  • Wasn't there a case of a steward getting injured after Utd fans piled over the barrier?

    I also remember in a cup game against Tottenham, one of their fans was in the East Stand and decided to run on the pitch when they scored, then go back to his seat and sit down like nothing had happened. He got an almighty whack in the back of the head from the bloke sitting behind him - and then they both got escorted out! 

    Strangely, the Tottenham fan could not understand what he'd done wrong.
  • Chunes said:
    Who knew you can't run on the pitch?

    If it had been away fans we'd all be saying right decision.
    Whilst I agree I'd also point out that day @ Carlisle where Charlton refused to give the police the details of those that went on the pitch
  • On these grounds surely means the majority of our fan base should be banned after Burnley relagation season!
  • They probably have to show that they’re taking some sort of action but surely a letter in the post or a telling off would be enough. Actually banning people seems OTT.
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