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Euro 2020 qualifying

Draw to be made early next month... 3rd December I think it is. The same day they draw the Nations League finals.

England will be in pot 1 alongside France, Croatia, Belgium, Portugal, Spain etc.

One team who won’t be in pot 1 are GERMANY. Their disasterous year has meant they slip down the rankings and into pot 2.

England could therefore theoretically be drawn with the Germans in qualifying.


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    Qualifying will be in ten groups of either five or six teams.

    Pot 1a: Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, England
    (guaranteed a five team group so Nations League finals can take place in June while the rest of the continent plays qualifiers)

    Pot 1b: Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland

    Pot 2: Germany, Iceland, Bosnia, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Rep

    Pot 3: Slovakia, Turkey, Rep.Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria, Israel

    Pot 4: Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia

    Pot 5: Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus, Luxembourg, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands

    Pot 6: Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta, San Marino
  • As an added note...

    We wont be able to face any of the teams in pot six
  • Top 2 from each group qualify. On paper that SHOULD be easy for England. Especially with our qualifying record.
  • Hardest group is potentially Germany, Serbia, Romania and Belarus.

    Easiest i think: Wales, Finland, Lithuania, Gibraltar.
  • Think I'd prefer to face Bosnia than Wales

    Also like the fact that the Qualifying is across the one calendar year rather than being spread over a two year period.
  • Even if we don't make the first two in the group, we get a second chance in the play offs due to qualifying for the June finals.
  • for me anywhere where i can get a ticket preferably with as many away qaulifiers on a saturday as poss to allow for minimal annual leave.

    already have 2 stag dos and a potential oktobrefest trip lined up
  • Jesus this is a bit of a headache...

    There are several restrictions on who can be drawn with who.

    Uefa has tried to increase the likelihood that countries hosting Euro 2020 games also qualify for the tournament - so no more than two teams with games can be in the same group.

    Those teams are England, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

    Because the draw works from the top seeds downwards, it means that if, for example, England were drawn with Germany, Denmark or Russia, they could not then be in a group with the Republic of Ireland or Scotland.

    For political reasons, Spain and Gibraltar will be kept apart, while Kosovo cannot be in a group with Serbia or Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    A maximum of two countries at risk of severe winters can be in one group - Belarus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia and Ukraine.

    And there are restrictions over who Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iceland could play for geographical reasons. Each side can only be in a group with one listed country that would involve excessive travel distance. In Kazakhstan's case, that includes the home nations and Republic of Ireland.
  • Confusing but how good would it be if they do the draw, get to pot 6 and realise they can't complete without contradicting some of the conditions.
    Just imagine "oops, start again"
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  • Confusing but how good would it be if they do the draw, get to pot 6 and realise they can't complete without contradicting some of the conditions.
    Just imagine "oops, start again"

    See the World Cup draw from 1982 as an example...
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    England in group A with Czech Republic, Montenegro and Bulgaria so far
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    Netherlands and Germany again in group C
    Along with Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland have Denmark and Switzerland
    Croatia have Wales in group E
  • Belgium and Russia for Scotland
  • England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro & Kosovo
  • Happy with Czech and Kosovo as not been to either.
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    Top 2 in each group qualify for the tournament.
    4 playoff matches decided once qualifying has finished and we know which teams haven’t made it
  • Certainly no easy teams in that group.
  • bit of a Balkan bonanza there
  • Tough ask for Scotland. San Marino are no pushover
  • Belgium will be looking to hit triple figures with that group
  • Tough ask for Scotland. San Marino are no pushover

    Bet they're glad they topped their Group in the Nations League as Israel arent in a much easier Group
  • When are they doing the Nations League draw?
  • When are they doing the Nations League draw?

    Just seen thats tomorrow... after all makes no sense doing it at the same time when everyone is already together
  • Nice draw for Slovenia
  • Can't really complain with that draw, although going by their Nations league results, Kosovo are certainly one of the better bottom seeds.
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