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*** CharltonLife Poker Tournament - Call for Players for 2020 ***

The CL poker league play on PokerStars and you WILL need to register. No monetary deposit is required. Unfortunately there are several locations where you will not be able to play from. USA and France based addicks are not allowed to play on PokerStars due to local laws. Also, PokerStars do not let people play home games on tablets or mobile devices. You will need play on a PC or Mac.

If you have not registered on PokerStars before it's simple;

-Download the free PokerStars software from

-Open the main lobby,then click the Home Games tab on the right hand list of icons
-Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
-Enter the Club ID number: 19158
-Enter the Invitation Code: PSCharltonLife05

That's it. Once approved, we'll all be ready to start playing together.

Anyone that hasn't played before, all charlton life members are welcome to join at anytime.

Although not part of the schedule, next week is the proper game. There was enough interest to set one up for this Sunday,

I will set tournament up tonight when i am in, come join the fun give me money

get involved , bit of friendly banter with the chance to win some money!


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Roland Out!