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Dave 21 and a thanks to the NHS staff

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My 28 year old son, Dave, was rushed to hospital yesterday, where neurosurgeons performed a life saving operation on him. Fingers crossed, and everything else, hopefully he is going to be ok. There has been some improvement we have seen already, so hopefully, this will continue steadily, and we are staying positive.
But I wanted to use this thread to pay tribute to the staff at both hospitals we attended. They were amazing. Compassionate, professional, skilled, and ultimately life savers. They rescued someone very precious to me, and they did it with so much care. It was truly humbling and inspiring watching them and being looked after by them. I owe them so much.
But I am just one of a number, these people do this on a daily basis. My eldest daughter is a nurse, and she regularly tells of the abuse, both physical and verbal, they receive far too often, whilst performing their duties to help and save people. Yes, people can get stressed at times when family members are ill, but really that’s no excuse, and it is not always about that, anyway.
Our doctors and nurses regularly show us the very best side of humanity.
So just a plea, and most people do this anyway - show them the same back in return, by treating them with respect and appreciation, while they help you.
Sermon over.
Get better soon Dave, love you loads, mate.


  • Good news, and good post - get well soon Dave!
  • Get well soon Dave21 and well done the NHS
  • Very best wishes to your son, he is in the safe hands of our wonderful NHS.
  • Best wishes to Dave for a speedy recovery, and to you and your family at this time. The NHS is wonderful!
  • Get well soon @Dave21
  • All the best, get well soon @Dave21 . Well done to the NHS.
  • Hope to see you posting soon @Dave2l
  • Best wishes to Dave21 and all the family. Get well soon.
  • Best wishes to all the family. Get well soon Dave.

    The NHS is one of the best things about our great country.
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  • Sorry to hear this @3blokes . Best wishes to you, @Dave2l and all the family. Get well soon, Dave.
  • Get well soon Dave
  • Hope everything is okay.
  • Best wishes to you all and quick recovery to Dave. Couldn’t agree more about the NHS.
  • All the best to you both
  • Best wishes to @3blokes and @Dave2l Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery
  • Get well soon from Dave in Vienna!
  • All the best to Dave with his health at the mo' and hoping for a very speedy recovery.
  • Best wishes to you and your family @3blokes, have a safe and speedy recovery @Dave2l
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  • Best wishes to Dave for his recovery.
  • Get well soon @Dave2l. Best wishes for your recovery.
  • Very best wishes for a speedy recovery Dave.
    And lovely to hear nice things about the NHS, who do a great job
  • Great to read, glad @Dave2l is on the mend.

    And as you say, lets all give back some love and appreciation for those front line staff.
  • Very best wishes to Dave.
    The opening post tells us how much you're loved, you will get through this with that kind of support.
    Well done our NHS.
  • Oh mate so sorry to read this, our thoughts and best wishes to you and your family especially @Dave2l.
  • Best wishes Dave21.
  • A speedy recovery Dave.

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