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Shrewsbury v Charlton - Post Match Views

Ho hum, that’s that then.

Bit of a frustrating, needly game where they dominated physically and put the foot in all over the shop. Another day could have been very different, we had a clear pen and they got their goal in their only ten min spell of the game.

But it’s not to be. Pick out bits and pieces but over the two games we were probably edged and never created a real clear ‘should score’ chance in either game

Over to you


  • We were poor but so were Shrewsbury, awful league.

    Oh shut up. The standard in league one has never been so good.

    Shrewsbury played well and deserved it over two legs. Hope they win the final.
    Calm down. It was a poor game.
  • Shrewsbury were better over the two legs. We lack cutting edge and physicality which has been the story of the season in a way
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  • We were poor but so were Shrewsbury, awful league.

    Oh shut up. The standard in league one has never been so good.

    Shrewsbury played well and deserved it over two legs. Hope they win the final.
    When we won the League in 2011/12 there were four / five teams going for the automatic spots

    Two years beforehand you had the likes of Grant Holt | Wes Hoolahan | Rickie Lambert ripping up the league

    This year you've had Wigan and Blackburn, thats it - Shrewsbury stuck with them for so long because of Wigan's cup run which left with them with a mountain of games in hand
  • Jokes aside , I will fucking drive Konsa to Everton or wherever he wants to mince about at. The guy is the most overrated player we have ever produced. Total nonsense from him again today at times.

    Kashi should of been on that pitch today . Would of showed more fight than any of our other supposed midfielders . Would love to keep Amos and Dasilva but that won't happen . Please please please let us be bought now
  • Valley11 said:

    Went out with a whimper but we’ve got the right management team in place at last. Sign them up, sign a couple of forwards and a Centre mid. Keep Amos. Get the takeover done.

    Then sit back and enjoy the World Cup.

    We might have to take Jackson off organising set-pieces though.....they have been a pile of cack for a fair while now (although with better players, normally comes better set-pieces).
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  • SDAddick said:

    I mean they were the better side over two legs. I'm sure there will be anger and frustration at the players, we can second guess a lot of Bowyer's decisions over two legs, but they were simply better than us, and we shouldn't lose sight of that. They finished 16 points above us and were in the top two for most of the season for a reason.

    The away supporters up there were ace. You could hear them clearly on telly throughout. Safe journey home everyone.

    Next season will be better.

    If Lord Bowyer had been in charge all season Shrewsbury wouldn't have finished 16 points ahead of us and we'd already have been celebrating promotion.
    Not with this team we wouldn’t.
  • We never win on telly.

    Take-over announcement now please.
  • Need better players - too many passengers in the team. Squad nowhere near good enough.
  • All in all rather embarrassing. No shots worthy of the name. No real fight. Nothing to set the pulse racing, a poor second best over two games and as lacklustre a performance as you will ever see in the playoffs.
    Desperately weak. Shrewsbury did a thoroughly professional job on us and deserve to go to Wembley. Since I don't give a shit about Rotherham or Scunthorpe I say all the best in the final to them.
  • edited May 2018
    Bowyer. “Were they the better team over two legs? I dont think so”. Cmon mate. They were head and shoulders better than us. We were a damp squib. Fair play for getting to the play offs under all of the circumstances but it was a total anticlimax.We were poor and we need a clear out from top to bottom. We flattered to deceive but we all know the reasons. Fuck off you Belgian twunt. We clear out and start again.
  • Laddick01 said:

    Thought I’d be more angry really, but I’m just not
    I’m still convinced Ajose would do a job for us with any kind of service
    Forster Caskey looked like he’d played too much football
    We need Ben Amos on a permanent, he’s absolutely incredible

    New owners, new players and the league looks a little bit weaker next year
    I fancy us providing the club doesn’t become more of a mess than it already is

    All three great points, including the one about JFC. He just looked dead on his feet out there. He was our best player in the run in. His workrate was incredible. And like a lot of our team, he ran out of gas.
  • Shrewsbury did what they needed to do and were much the better team over the two legs. Two nice goals that came when they were needed and, apart from the first 10 minutes at the Valley, they contained us how they wanted.

    I hope Bowyer/Jacko are given the chance to see what they can do to turn things around. A lot is needed in my opinion.

    We've let ourselves down in these playoffs and Shrewsbury were vastly the better team. Showed why they finished on 87 points and deserve to be at Wembley.
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