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Ray Wilkins in intensive care (edit sadly passed away)

Following a cardiac arrest. In an induced coma


  • Jesus!
  • Bloody hell. Get well soon Butch.
  • “He’s in hospital, he’s had a cardiac arrest and is in intensive care.

    “He is not in a good state at all, I’m afraid. He’s critically ill.

    “The cardiac arrest led to a fall which has meant he’s had to be put in an induced coma. It’s very, very bad
  • Shit. Used to love watching him when I was a kid.

    Pull through Butch
  • Get better soon.
  • Get well soon Butch
  • Best wishes to him, loved him when he played for Chelsea and that goal for Man Utd against Brighton in the Cup Final was sublime.
  • Ah fcuk, he was on TalkSport in the week and sounded in great form!
  • Great player at Chelsea, but became known as a sideways passer when he was at Man U.
  • #PrayForRay
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  • Jesus. Get well butch.
  • What a shock. Get well soon Butch.
  • Good luck to him.
  • Hope he pulls through!
  • Wow, can’t believe this. Really hope he pulls through. Come on Ray.
  • Doesn't sound good. Hope he pulls through
  • Like everyone, shocked to read about this. I think hes one of the better pundits/guest presenters on TalkSport and comes across as a genuine, decent and honest man. Everyone thats worked with him says you really couldn't meet a nicer fella.

    It sounds like hes in a truly dreadful situation, fighting for his life and I wish him the best of luck.
  • Hope he gets better big fan of ray Wilkins
  • Really sad, only 61, I hope he pulls through
  • Get well soon Butch.
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  • My word.

    Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any age. If he’s in an induced coma, suggests that they have got his heart working again and the coma is a result of his fall and the damage he received from it.

    Hope he pulls through.
  • Saw all of Wilkins early career at the Bridge. He was a class apart in those days (Gary Stanley aside) and hadn't been coached the percentage game at that time. Get well soon Butch.
  • Hope he pulls through
  • Hope he gets better soon.
  • What a shock, hope he pulls through.
  • Get well soon Ray.
  • Butch will always be to me the 17 year old kid breaking in to the Chelsea side, mature beyond his years. Very good player for club and country.

    Thoughts with Ray and his family - I so hope he pulls through.
  • Bloody hell. Here's to a full recovery Ray.
  • Echo all of the above. A fixture in the England team when I was growing up. Fingers crossed he pulls through.
  • Get well Ray. Take all the time you need.
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