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Andrew Crofts - now (2021) Brighton U23 manager (p9)

Good way to bury the news of Henderson's free transfer departure.......



  • The excitement.
  • Tbf it's difficult to access a defensive midfielder in early pre-season due to the nature of the games. I'm willing to trust Slade on this one.
  • Bury away will sell out for sure now

    If we don't sign Lewis I'll throw my season ticket away
  • Haha.

    Sandwich news. Comms 101.

    Sponsorship deal - good news.
    Hendo - bad news.
    Crofts - good news.

    N.B the sponsorship deal isn't good news for me, they should have no sponsors at all...
  • He'll be released in January.
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  • Not even remotely whelmed.
  • Plebs usually get thrown bread and circuses, we just get the bread.
  • Least surprising signing this summer
  • Crofts Original!!!!!

    Been waiting years for this...
  • Proven at the level and better.

    Rather him than Birdshit or equivalent
  • image

    Good luck Crofty, welcome to the mad house.
  • Think they got desperate and offered him a deal - beats having to pay money for a decent signing doesn't it!
  • seth plum said:

    Plebs usually get thrown bread and circuses, we just get the bread.

    What circus is that Seth, Fred Karno's? :wink:
  • Is he the box to box midfielder we need?
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  • a Slade choice, I don't mind this along with Foley & Buxton to beef up the squad as long as we are also going to add a few first team players signing next week or two.
  • Oh fuck, we signed a defensive midfielder? How fucking dull and depressing! Sack everyone!
  • Is he the box to box midfielder we need?

    Yeh, and full of creativity.
  • edited July 2016
    General rule of thumb.. If you have to give him a trial, there is usually a reason why you did. Underwhelming .

    510mins for Gillingham last season, not a goal. Infact he hasn't scored a goal since November 2013.
  • I liked him when he was at Norwich, whether he's anywhere near that level now I don't know. His injuries last year are a bit of a concern also... Should fit right in.
  • He's a good player.

    Look forward to seeing him play at away grounds.
  • Is he the box to box midfielder we need?

    Not really IMO. But, he provides cover for Diarra and Kashi, which we need. The question of course will be where he is in our pecking order. If he's behind Kashi, Diarra, JJ, and 1-2 more (ideally with a creative streak), then I think it's ok.
  • Good grief, seriously underwhelmed. When will we sign an attacking, box to box midfielder? Expect Buxton next, maybe even Foley too, chances of the play offs getting ever more remote.
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